First Rizos Curls Small Business Summit!

First Rizos Curls Small Business Summit!
Our first small business summit was a success – but it wouldn't have been possible without a community meaning all of you! 
We'd like to thank our vendors: VCHOS Truck, Agua Lucha, Churros Services, La Michoacana Boyle Heights, Coffee Del Mundo, Los Angelitos Bakery, Monarosa and Café Carmelle for their delicious food, treats and refreshments.

Shoutout to our amazing DJ Selastic.

Thank you to our venue partner Cross Campus for allowing us to have a safe space to glow, grow and connect!

A big thank you to our speakers and jefas for leading our summit and for their savvy business insight! 
Keynote Speaker: Ana Flores from We All Grow Latina!

Pero Like Team from Buzzfeed: Curly Velasquez, Gadiel Del Orbe, Alexis Garcia Rocca and Iván Emilio! The Pero Like team conducted a workshop that guided and taught our attendees how to design a content calendar, analyze their content to optimize reach and much more!

The Jefas from our Jefa Office Hours were: Patty Rodriguez, Lala Romero, Brittany Chavez, Dulce Vasquez and Melody Darlene Hernandez. During Jefa Office Hours attendees had a chance to receive 1-on-1 business advice from one of these 5 bosses!

Lastly, Mitzi Gaitan and Chidi Erike – from Instagram and Facebook – led a workshop that helped our attendees build a niche community for their small business. 

If you attended the summit you can find your photos here the photographer's handle is @illogicaltruths.


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