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Nourish, Detox, Repair

Nourish Oil for Hair, Scalp & Body

Detox Scalp Scrub

Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask

Clean, Natural Ingredients for Lasting, Healthy Curls

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NEW Rizos Curls Oil Trio-Hairscription

The best essential oil blends, all in one collection.The Rizos Curls Oil Trio has all the benefits from the best oils on earth, combined to treat your hair and skin everyday of the year!

Tamanu Oil for Curly Hair

A nutrient-dense oil originating from the South Pacific and celebrated in ancient Polynesia as a wonder remedy, Tamanu Oil is super moisturizing and naturally healing for skin & scalp and brings radiant shine to strands. 

The Complete Styling Collection VIP Box

Catch feelings for your curls over & over again with this ULTIMATE styling collection!

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