All The Rules Are Fake, DO YOU. BE YOU.

This collection is inspired by our company’s tenacity and knack to always stay true to our brand. We never try to fit into the industry’s expectations of us, but instead are driven by our mere passion to reach you all as our authentic selves. We’re paving our own lane and here to support y’all doing the same.

Nichoel, Digital Marketing

“It means navigating thru the world being my authentic self. Sometimes, I’m breaking rules simply by existing in certain spaces. As a proud Afro-Latina, East LA native, Pisces and creative, I am a multi-dimensional being that should never lower myself to adhere to someone else’s standard of who I should be. I live every day in my truth - unapologetically. You see it in my work, in the way I speak, and even in the way I love. I will never apologize for being me.” 

- Nichoel

“As a Black woman I show up unapologetically by exercising my basic rights and valuing myself, my family and heritage. My worth isn’t determined by society’s perspective and women of color deserve every right just as any other human being, so please continue being unapologetically you and celebrate yourself daily. I break the rules by not settling and awarding myself endless opportunities because nothing is impossible for me and creating my own seat at the table that’s building legacy for my son and daughter.“

- Britnie

Britney, Community Manager
Gabby, Marketing Manager

"Like many immigrant children, I grew up navigating through two different worlds.One world was my very traditional Mexican, Spanish-speaking household and the other was the predominately white town where I grew up. To fit in I found myself not truly embracing parts of my culture and had to learn code-switching at a very early age to put myself in places that were not for immigrants. Being unapologetic about who I am, my culture, and my heritage is something that I had to grow into. To see people who look like you and have similar upbringings within your community, your industry, the media you consume and them being unapologetically them. Our generation didn’t see it so we had to become it.”

- Gabby