How to: Use the Best Detangling Brush For Wash Day!

Detangling Hair Brush

Detangling can be a task for those with curly hair!

Good news is...with the right tools and technique you can detangle easily, quickly and with minimal fall out! PIECE OF CAKE!



Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner

Rizos Curls Hanging Shower Comb


Is it better to detangle wet or dry hair?

The best time to detangle is while you’re in the shower and your hair is wet! Use our Deep Conditioner and slowly detangle curls starting at the bottom or ends. Once your ends are tangle free, move up to the middle section and then to the roots.  You will then be able to glide our wide tooth hanging shower comb or detangling flexi brush from root to tip without issue. Never tug or be heavy handed when detangling, as you don't want the strands to break under the pressure!


Should I detangle my hair before washing?

Avoid detangling dry hair! This will cause strands to break as dry hair does not provide the elasticity wet hair does.


Wash day fallout EXPLAINED!

Did you know that even with impeccably healthy tresses, we still lose about 100 strands a day naturally??!!  

If hair is damaged due to color, bleach or heat styling it can be more than that!  

Hormone fluctuation, diet and mineral deficiencies also can contribute to hair fallout. 

Fall out refers to the strands and accumulation of hair that gathers in your brush or hands on wash day.  Those pesky strands that we creatively decorate our shower walls with to avoid a drain situation, are a normal part of curl care.  

If you are able to extend wash day multiple days, please note that those strands lost daily will linger in your hair until wash day and then make their glorious debut all at once...if it's been a week, expect more than if you wash daily (which textured hair should avoid if possible).

The naturally shedding of strands is nature's way of making room for new growth. Hair has a life cycle. Strands naturally stop growing as it exits the anagen phase, and a new hair will push through at the root of the stalled strand to replace. Our hair grows about 1 cm every 30 days or so, however this process does change as we age and other variables.  

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