Curl Defining Mousse

Curl Defining Mousse

 Hydration, shine and definition without adding weight to your curls so you can achieve max we have something for YOU!

Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse is not your mama's mousse! Our formula is alcohol & aerosol free, unlike mousses of the past, with no crispy, crunchy curls. Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse is loaded with natural ingredients to add incredible hydration to keep curls plumped and frizz free, add brilliant shine, and define waves and curls. Did we mention the weightless foam like texture of our mousse that allows your curls to bouce and live a full voluminous curl life...Yes, please!

Always aligned to our brand mission, our NEW Curl Defining Mousse is the culmination of natural ingredients that boast intense benefits for healthier hair & scalp with every use!  We pride ourselves in formulating products that give proven results but bring ultimate healthy benefits to each curl, wave and coil while nurturing your scalp to keep the life source of healthy hair in tip top condition. Use Rizos Curls products with confidence! Natural ingredients, Proven Results!


So, Let's get into it...

Traditional Mousse vs. Rizos Curls Curls Defining Mousse

What is the difference? Most think of styling mousse as a foamy hair styling product that gives crunchy, flake prone hold with drying alcohols that excessively dry strands and cause damage and split ends. Hair that is sticky, frizzy and stringy not to mention dull and lackluster. Who would want this?  We are not about that late 80s, early 90s mousse. What was mama thinking using this whipped curl killer! 

You asked for a mousse, we answered with a mousse only Rizos Curls could make! Carefully and thoughtfully created, this formula has ingredients so good your curls will thrive beyond your wildest foam filled dreams! We captured in this styling foam mousse, the benefits of lightweight definition, ultra hydration and the potential to reach your curl volume goals! 

Is mousse good for your hair? Best mousse for curly hair?

The best curl mousse is the curl mousse that performs and makes your hair healthier with every use! The Rizos Curls promise is in full effect with this new addition to our styler family. Our Curl Defining Mousse is perfect for all hair types and curl types! It has performance and hair health benefits for all..and even some bonus uses, too!

Curl Defining Mousse for wavy and/or fine hair:

Wavy and/or fine hair can get weighed down easily when layering multiple products. So less is more in terms of using every product you can grab! The perfect prep for wavy & fine hair is our Refresh & Detangle Spray. It’s super lightweight, will moisturize hair, help tame frizz and it has a light locking agent in it to help extend the hold of your waves. Apply this to wet hair before using the Curl Defining Mousse.

Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse is the perfect styler for fine or wavy hair cause it’s ultra-hydrating and provides superb curl definition but in a super lightweight formula that won’t weigh the hair down, giving maximum volume potential.

Start by shaking well, then dispense 1-2 pumps into your hand.Rake through sectioned, damp hair, then scrunch up to the roots to enhance your waves and loose, fine curls. Because raking or “prayer hands” application will stretch out the wave pattern, always be sure to scrunch, scrunch and scrunch. Can air dry or for maximum volume, diffuse on warm heat with our Pink Collapsible Diffuser to give lift & volume at roots.

Curl Defining Mousse for curly hair:

We love to prep curly hair types with our current # 1 best seller, Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream for soft, defined, shiny and frizz free curls, before applying the Curl Defining Mousse. Layering the products will give ultimate hydration and increase definition, again without adding any additional weight which can elongate curls and make achieving volume a chore. The goal is to have your curls be as weightless as possible so they will have movement and bounce, with voluminous body.

Curl Defining Mousse for coily hair:

Similar to curly hair, we love to layer the Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream with the Curl Defining Mousse to define and add moisture to coils to keep them defined, frizz free and full of shine. Shake, then dispense 1-2 pumps into your hand. Section wet hair and apply mousse using a raking motion from roots through lengths of hair. Scrunch or finger coil hair to enhance & define texture. Diffuse or air dry, and finish with our Nourish Oil to trap moisture into the hair.

In addition to being a lightweight formula styler that delivers without adding weight to your curls, the hydration factor of this product makes it a great option to refresh multi- day curls by re-hydrating frizzy hair and can also be used as a braid foam to keep protective styles hydrated and shiny, extending the wear time. 


Hero Ingredients & Benefits

Made with clean, nourishing natural ingredients,  this airy, foamy mousse infuses moisture into textured hair, prevents frizz and enhances shine for soft & bouncy curls.This non-sticky mousse is enriched with natural extracts and botanicals that will help to protect & improve the health of hair over time!

🥥Coconut Water

Highly hydrating, rich in natural amino acids , antioxidants and enzymes to condition and nourish curls, while providing weightless hydration.

No wonder Coconut Water has been nicknamed the "Dew of the Heavens"

🌵Cactus Flower Extract

Provides rejuvenating, vitamin and mineral- rich hydration and moisture for hair. Promotes healthier, shinier strands,  increased hair growth and is rich in omega fatty acids.

  94% agreed this product is more hydrating than then curl mousses.*

🍈Maracuja Seed Oil

Nutrient dense seed oil that features a high concentration of fatty acids, and vitamins A, E & F that help smooth, fortify, nourish hair strands & supports scalp and health.

Ultra-moisture locking properties, helping seal moisture to the strand & scalp

🌱Chia Seed & Linseed ( Flaxseed)

Fortifying for hair, these extracts strengthen hair follicles to minimize breakage. Antioxidant and rich in vitamin E, both Chia and Linseed can help prevent hair loss and stimulate new growth. 

Environmental protection and the reparitive properties of Red Algae, along with the flake fighting and anti-microbial properties of Aloe Vera, round out some additional key natural ingredients for this must have formula for weightless, defined curls.

Perfect for lifeless waves and curls that weigh down easily, our Curl Defining Mousse gives super soft, touchable, voluminous body and enhanced definition, and ultimate hydration to curls without the crunch! Everything Curl Mousse dreams are made of!
*based on a 3rd party independent study

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