How to: Curly Hair Nighttime Routine

How to: Curly Hair Nighttime Routine
Goodnight, Rizos Reinas!
One of the benefits of caring for your curls and using quality curl care, like Rizos Curls, is that you can extend your style for multiple days...IF you have a good night time routine!
From "pineappling" to satin caps, everyone finds what serves their curls best and allows them to go up to a week without washing. Rejuvenate your rizos with Rizos Curls' Refresh & Detangle Spray and rock those rizos 'til the wheels fall off!

  1. Gather your curls into a high ponytail that sits almost on your front hairline.  
  2. Use a hair elastic or scrunchie, BUT be sure it is as loose as it can be without losing the ponytail. You don't want a crease from the elastic band.
  3. If your hair is long, you can add a second elastic to make a loose bun. The goal is to not sleep on the curls crushing them.
  4. Take down ponytail/bun in the morning and refresh with Rizos Curls'  Refresh and Detangle Spray. Finger coil refreshed curls and diffuse for volume.


Silk or Satin Caps, Bonnets & Pillowcases:
This is another option to preserve your curls at night. You can choose to leave curls loose under the silk or satin cap or to use both techniques and pineapple your hair before adding the cap. Either way, the silk & satin allow your curls to stay frizz & tangle free while you sleep. 
Silk & satin pillowcases are a great option for wild sleepers or curly kids that won't keep a silk or satin cap on at night.

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