Rizos Curls #NoProductChallenge

Rizos Curls #NoProductChallenge

Curly Hair with No Product...No Problem! 



Rizos Curls rang in the New Year with a #NoProductChallenge and the results were AMAZING!

This challenge is a really AWESOME tool.  Curly hair with no product

lets you see what your curls CRAVE to live their best curl life!


Use the #NoProductChallenge to easily identify where your hair is drier in certain areas, or how many days you can go between washes before your scalp starts to itch or get oily.

So much can be learned from your curls in their natural, no product state! 

Heavy, lack luster, no definition curls? Maybe it's time to clarify!
Lots of frizz and dryness? Let's deep condition! Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner
Itchy, flaky scalp?  Scalp mask & massage! Rizos Curls Scalp Brush
Until you see your curly hair without product, you can't identify what your curls need!
Keep in mind there are many factors that affect your curls like diet, hormone changes, environment & products!
The products you use and their ingredients can make or break (literally!) your curls!
It's important to see your curly hair with no product 2-3x a year at least so you can note in your hair journal the changes you see and compare over time your improved results!

See what some of our Rizos Reinas discovered + their personal testimonials during the Rizos Curls #NoProductChallenge! 

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