Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask

Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask

Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask

Hydration & moisture are key to great curls! Curly hair by nature, tends to be drier.  Sebum, the natural oil that is produced from your scalp, is you hair's natural lubricant. With textured hair, sebum has to navigate all the twists and turns in each strand of curly hair and it often times does not make it the length of your hair before wash day. This is why those with straight may experience greasy or oily hair after a few days.  The natural oil has a straight path and easily covers the straight strands very quickly. Not the case with curly coils and ringlets.


Have no fear, our Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is here!!

Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is hydration and repair all in one! Curly & wavy hair benefit from added moisture but this hair mask for curly hair helps to bring rehabilitation to brittle, dry, dull,  damaged curls with it's patented Vitamin C technology. The power punch of natural ingredients including Vitamin C penetrates disheveled tresses and repairs the hair cuticle, resulting in improved shine & manageability in as little as 5 minutes. 



 Beneficial Ingredients

🍊Grapefruit Oil & Orange Oil: Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants, give an instant radiant glow, nourishing softness & revitalize hair.
🌱Murumuru Butter: From Brazil's Amazon region & known for its reparative properties. Provides nourishing slip, deep moisture, reduces frizz & improves hair manageability.
🌱Argan OilHydrates, prevents breakage & future damage to hair.
🌰Shea Butter: packed with beneficial fatty acids, vitamins & nutrients that encourage growth and strength in hair. Provides protection against  breakage and increases elasticity.
🍵Green Tea Leaf Extract: Stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth. Natural antioxidants helps prevent damage to skin & hair.
🥥Coconut Oil: Easily absorbed, this natural moisturizer prevents breakage and reduces frizz & split ends. 
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How to Use:

Add Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask to freshly shampooed curls. Detangle gently with the Rizos Curls Shower Comb and allow the hair mask for curly hair to penetrate for a minimum of 15 minutes. For added absorption, cover head with a shower cap or heat cap to trap heat. This will open the hair cuticle to allow the ingredients that provide hydration to permeate the strands.  Use cool water to do a final rinse to close the cuticle, locking in moisture. 
Our curly hair mask, Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is a rich, emollient treatment meant to treat your curls 1-4x a month. If you color treat your curls or use heat to style, you may consider adding the curly hair mask to your weekly wash day.  Those repairing their curls from chemical or heat damage may benefit using the curly hair mask every other wash day. Those maintaining healthy waves and curls will want to use the curly hair mask as a treatment once a month.



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