Happy Halloween 2020

Curly Hair Cheetah

4 Easy Halloween Costumes for Curly Hair 

No Tricks, All Treats! Here are four easy curly hair inspired Halloween costume ideas that feature your rizos front and center! These fun, easy and creative costume ideas that are sure to make any ghost or goblin say “Hey, BOO!”  


1. Scary Spice 

Everybody’s favorite Spice Girl! Always dressed in animal print with those combat boots and attitude! Her signature curls worn half up and half down with space buns wrapped in fierce gold! Be sure to Tell us what you want... what you really, really want if you choose to be Scary Spice this spooky season! 

Scary Spice Halloween 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Animal print top or dress 
  • Gold ribbon or string to lock in your space buns 
  • Rizos Curls Hair Pick to get Scary Spice's signature voluminous curly hair 



2. Harley Quinn 

Super Villains are the perfect last-minute Halloween costume! It’s your one chance to be your evil alter ego... even if just for a night of fun! Red and blue makeup to match your cute red and blue sprayed low pigtails that capture the essence of one of Gotham City’s Sirens. Have your bae channel The Joker and you will be the Suicide Squad Sweethearts! 

Harley Quinn Curly Hair


What You’ll Need: 

  • Suicide Squad Harley Quinn top 
  • Temporary hair color 
  • Pigmented red and blue eyeshadow 
  • Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray to achieve a stunningly wild look 



3. Curly Cheetah 

Fierce Feline, need I say more? Cheetah print and black makeup... all you need to pull together this quick Halloween costume that will make everybody purr with delight! Finish out the look with voluminous curls and cat ears and don’t forget to draw on your whiskers! MEOW! 

Cheetah Curly Hair Costume


What You’ll Need: 

  • Animal print top or dress 
  • Black lip/eye pencil 
  • Rizos Curls Hair Pick to make your curls live up to their fullest potential 



4. Happy Hippie 

Peace, love and Rizos!!! Look like you just left Woodstock with this Halloween costume that you could rummage from grandma’s attic! Bell bottom jeans, pops of color and those signature glasses. Make sure you show off your flower crown! Make love, not war with your rizos and let them flow... so groovy baby! 

Hippie Costume Halloween 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Good vibes 
  • Flower crown/headband 
  • Late 60’s inspired clothing 
  • Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream 

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