How To: Use A Hair Pick For Curly Hair

How To: Use A Hair Pick For Curly Hair

To achieve optimal curls, you must have an arsenal of AMAZING tools! 

One of the best tools for curly hair is a Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick!  Our hair pick is the best tool  to fluff curls and  create volume in curly and coily hair.  A hair pick used correctly, will gently lift hair away from the scalp creating fullness and texture.  The gentle tug of your strands lifting from your scalp while using a good hair pick, can also increase blood flow and stimulate hair growth!


Our Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick, made in a high quality Luxe Pink Speckled Acetate material looks beautiful & will last a long time! The best curl hair pick is one that is smooth and seamless that won't snag or break hair strands when being used. Best results using a hair pick  for volume are achieved when using on dry curls. A hair pick is never meant to be used to comb your curls from root to tip in one fell swoop...the wider sized, square shaped comb resembling a painter's brush is best used to give attention to the hair near your scalp.  


Use our Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick as a final step in a Wash N' Go to fluff curls & create extra Volume! After your Curls have fully dried, use this hair pick comb to fluff your curls upside down, gently separating the hair from the scalp at the root & creating MAXIMUM curl volume! 



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