Steer Clear of Sulfates

Steer Clear of Sulfates

What are sulfates?

Sulfates are chemicals found in harsh detergents and cleaners like laundry detergent, dish soap and household cleaners. Yes, the same abrasive soaps used to cut through grease, soap scum and ground in stains is often used in cleansers used on the skin and body like shampoos and body washes. Although using sulfates provides a squeaky clean, the stripping of the skin's natural barrier can cause serious issues like rashes, dry skin and acne blemishes. 


Are sulfates really bad?

Commonly used in rinse off cleansers like body wash and shampoo, sulfates are effective at deep cleaning skin and hair. Sulfates can remove layers of dirt and grime accumulated on skin and hair from a day hard at work or fun at play, but it does too good of a job! Similar to how we have seen dish detergent clean motor oil from wildlife affected by oil spills in our oceans and waterways, the sulfates in these cleansers cut through oil , even the natural oils that protect the skin. Sebum is your skin's natural moisturizer and is released from the pores in your skin and scalp. Its made up of lipids and fatty acids that act as an emollient for the skin, trapping in moisture. Dirt and oil is easily removed by the sulfates found in some products but it removes all the natural oil leaving skin dry, itchy, flaky and in some cases irritated and angry red. Sulfates are best for cleaning pots and pans or shower doors, rather than for skin and hair. The moisture loss from using sulfates on skin and hair over time, can create dry, brittle strands prone to breakage and make skin itchy and prone to dandruff and other flaky scalp conditions. If this is your experience, immediately discontinue use of cleansers with sulfates in the formula and replace with a sulfate- free shampoo like Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo. To combat the dryness created by sulfates, add our Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask to your deep conditioning schedule to repair and revitalize hair that that was once being repeatedly stripped. With regular use, your tresses will recover and you will see a boost in moisture and shine as well as manageability. 


How to know if your favorite products have sulfates?

🚩Check your labels! Just like on food packaging, you will always want to know what ingredients are in your health & beauty products and be able to steer clear of certain additives. 

🌸Rizos Curls Tip: Don't be tricked by ingredients that sound like they could be sulfates because they end in “-ate”...Familiarize yourself with names of true sulfates to avoid. Some common sulfates are:

sodium laureth sulfate

sodium lauryl sulfate

ammonium laureth sulfate.

(Or just use Rizos Curls to be safe!)

🚩Does your shampoo have a foamy, sudsy lather like a bubble bath gone haywire? Most sulfate-free formulas are low to no suds. Some suds are okay as this occurs naturally with sulfate free cleansers.

🚩Does your scalp feel dry and your hair feel "stripped" after washing, but before conditioning? This can be a sign to check your ingredients for sulfates and or ingredients in general that you are sensitive or have allergic reaction to. Everyone is different and skin is unique to each person. What irritates my skin, may not irritate your skin. Especially important to know ingredients when trying product like Rizos Curls that are formulated with natural ingredients and botanical extracts. Some of our innovative hero ingredients may be new additions to your skin! Our Rizos Curls Travel Kit is perfect size for trying!


So, what do you use to wash your hair if sulfates are off limits?

Rizos Curls takes pride in our extensive efforts to formulate products that not only perform to give voluminous, defined, moisturized curls but also our priority to use natural ingredients that have extensive benefits to hair and skin. Careful attention is focused on our products during development and we stand firmly by our promise to never include sulfates, parabens, or silicones..all of which work against hair and skin health. We seek out alternative healthy, clean ingredients to give the same results as the unfavorable alternative ingredients we swear against. Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo is a sulfate free formula for your regular curly hair wash day routine that will give a deep clean without over drying  and completely stripping natural oils. Our Rizos Curls Detox Scalp Scrub is a great addition to your curly hair care regimen to gently scrub away any product build up gathered between wash days and stubborn sebum for those that experience over production. It also helps to give your scalp a fresh start 1-4x a month with this scalp treatment, as clogged follicles at the scalp level, decrease growth and can lead to annoying itch and flakes.  
Making intentional choices on your skin and hair products can save you in the long run. Save your health (and your sanity!) from annoying skin irritations and health issues from prolonged use of products with additives that give short term results but long term issues. Resuscitating dry, brittle hair caused by sulfates requires patience and consistency if you don't end up having to trim and start fresh. Healing cracked, angry, rash-y scalps and skin can be a long journey as the skin barrier has to replenish and bounce back. Education on what choices are best when it comes to ingredients in topical products can make all the difference in preventing unwelcome issues that can damage skin and hair and most of all your confidence. 


Rizos Curls is extremely proud that our brand mission and focus is to provide products that bring out the best in curly hair with the best ingredients. 

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