Thyme for Curly Hair

Thyme for Curly Hair



What is Thyme?
Thyme is an herb that has been used for centuries by ancient civilizations. Thyme is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, and grown in Portugal and Spain. Thyme is also native to Southern Europe, from Spain to Italy and was used regulary in ancient Greece. 
Thyme is beneficial for hair because it is well known for its anti inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial benefits.Thyme has been used for as a healing herb to combat everything from respitory issues to skin conditions to acne and hair growth...WAIT! That just got my attention!
Thyme benefits hair growth...SAY LESS!


One of the biggest challenges a person with curly hair faces, in additon to retaining moisture and great definition, is hair growth.  Curly and wavy hair naturally takes longer to "visibily" see growth due to the twists and turns of the hair follicle.  Shrinkage, anyone?


When trying to focus on hair growth, it always starts at the root!
Your scalp health will always determine your hair growth.  Focusing on nourishing your scalp and keeping it clean will be the best recipe for strong hair developement. Using products like Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo paired with our Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush not only allow you to get your scalp squeaky clean by sluffing off product & environmental build up, it also stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp increasing the blood flow and encouraging hair follicles to grow, grow, grow!



Thyme benefits hair as it is a herb that will allow your scalp to thrive!
Dandruff, scalp itch, scalp irritation...Thyme calms these scalp conditions and 

given its antibacterial and antifungal properties, Thyme can also protect your skin from dermal infections. Thyme has also been used to heal open sores, infected wounds, minimize scarring, and minor cuts and abrasions. It even relieves burns and acts as a natural remedy for skin rashes. Thyme is also known to help reduce the symptoms of eczema, which some experience on their skin including their scalp.

When choosing hair products, the goal should always be to add products to your routine that incorporate ingredients that benefit your hair and scalp. 
Similar to, "you are what you eat", our hair and scalp reflects what we use to care for our curls.
Rizos Curls products were thoughtfully formulated with ingredients from nature that nurture your curls.


Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel is formulated with many valuable ingredients like Aloe Vera, Arginine, Flaxseed and you guessed it...Thyme!
A gel for curly hair that promotes hair growth!


Nature provides so many precious resources for our health and the health of our hair & skin.  Rizos Curls harnesses the power of nature to nurture your curls that give you wellness benefits and great #RizosResults!



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