VIP Box Best of 2023

VIP Box Best of 2023

Our latest, Limited-Edition VIP box features the BEST of everything Rizos Curls from 2023! Featuring newly launched must haves and core essentials that will keep your hair smelling and looking your best. Because you deserve the best!

VIP..Very Important Products!!

This collection of Curl Champions, is everything we introduced in the past year, along with the supporting cast of some of our tried & true curl care favorites. Used together, your waves, curls and coils will not only look their very best, but you will captivate all those around you with aroma that will make them stop in their tracks! Look good, smell good...what more is there?! 

Not only will your hair be defined, shiny, bouncy and moisturized, but the ingredients in these formulas are second to none and will make your hair & scalp healthier with every use. Rizos Curls product give you the results you want, with natural ingredients that are actually beneficial to the overall health of your hair. 

 What Do You Get & How Do You Use?

Step #1 : Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse

Clarifying rinse that removes scalp build up by gently cleansing & removing excess oil and product residue. Reboots hair to receive & retain moisture, increasing styling product efficacy & restoring shine. Restores pH balance, anti- bacterial , anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory & rich in antioxidants

Hero Ingredients

Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Natural antibacterial that gently cleanses & removes buildup. This highly popular ingredient for reviving scalp & hair balances pH levels and allows scalp & hair to retain moisture. 

Lemon Oil: Naturally purifies & detoxifies, helps rebalance the production of oils, reduces hair breakage & softens hair. It soothes the scalp & fights bacteria with its potent antioxidant benefits. It purifies pores around the hair follicles & acts as a natural astringent helping to reinvigorate scalp & hair health. 

Black Tea Kombucha: A natural source of caffeine known to stimulate stronger, longer & thicker hair, as well as enhance radiance & shine. It nourishes scalp & hair with antioxidants, vitamins & probiotics.  

 Niacinamide: A favorite in skincare, this efficacious ingredient reduces sebum, which is the main cause for oily scalp. It helps to increase protein synthesis, also known as keratin, which in turn promotes stronger & healthier strands. 

 Aloe Vera: This highly humectant & nourishing ingredient is a high source of nutrients that not only works to soothe & soften, but also improves overall hair health & enhances shine. It deeply conditions, repairs dryness, combats irritation & itchiness and leaves hair smooth & shiny.  

 Also with Rice Water Ferment, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Pineapple Extract, Peppermint Oil + more! 

Suggested Use:  Apply a small amount onto scalp & hair. Massage product into  scalp, lather well and allow to sit in for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 

Step #2: Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask

Reparitive hair mask with Vitamin C Technology to repair, restore moisture, improve manageability & shield from damage. Improves shine, softness, reduces frizz & prevents breakage.

Hero Ingredients: 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C technology clinically proven to repair hair cuticle, resulting in improved shine & manageability in 5 minutes. 

Grapefruit Oil & Orange Oil: Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants, give an instant radiant glow, nourishing softness & revitalize damaged hair. 

Murumuru Butter: From Brazil's Amazon region & known for its reparative properties. Provides nourishing slip, deep moisture, reduces frizz & improves manageability. 

Argan Oil: Deeply nourishes, prevents breakage & future damage to hair. 

Also features Shea Butter, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Apple Extract, Coconut Oil + more!  

Suggested Usage:  After cleansing, apply mask onto hair & comb through in the shower. Let it sit for at least 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.  

Step #3: Refresh & Detangle Spray

Double Duty leave in detangles freshly washed hair with ease. Provides moisturizing slip for taming tangles and prepping curls for styling. Also, used to refresh curls between wash days. Cream spray formula will re-hydrate, revitalize & redefine multi-day curls. Fights frizz.

Hero Ingredients: 

Coconut Oil: Reduces frizz, prevents hair breakage & split ends. 

Olive Oil: Cleanses scalp, smooths hair & improves elasticity. 

Shea Butter: Locks in moisture without leaving hair greasy. 

Aloe Vera: Deeply nourishes, moisturizes, increases shine & promotes healthy hair. 

Suggested Use: 

Detangle: Apply to wet hair as a prep step after washing & conditioning hair, before styling. Spray from roots to ends focusing on areas that need more moisture. Can also spray into hand & apply throughout hair. Comb through with fingers or wide tooth comb & use as a leave-in. Do not rinse out. 

Refresh: Apply to dry hair in between wash days to renew & hydrate curls. Spray throughout hair focusing on areas that need moisture & shine. Use fingers to scrunch product in hair & shape curls back into place. Do not rinse out. For best results, dry hair with our Diffuser.   

Step #4: Curl Defining Mousse

Light weight curl defining foam that enhances curl definition, boosts volume and provides soft hold. Weightless airy foam is rich in vitamins and natural extracts that hydrate, increase shine & improve hair health.

Hero Ingredients: 

Cactus Flower Extract: Improves hair health with vitamin-infused hydration. This highly potent extract is derived from the cactus flower, known for its incredible ability to draw in & retain moisture. It deeply hydrates, nourishes strands & promotes hair strength. 

Maracujá Oil: Antioxidant-rich, improves softness, enhances shine, reduces breakage & combats frizz. A rich source of vitamins that deeply nourishes & enhances luminosity. 

Red Algae: Super antioxidant that shields hair from environmental damage & pollution. Repairs & nourishes weak hair. Highly popular in skincare with great benefits that revitalize hair. 

Coconut Water: Ultra-hydrating & nutrient-dense, it deeply nourishes strands for lasting visibly healthier hair. 

Also with Flaxseed, Chia Extract, Aloe Vera + more! 

Suggested Use: Shake well and dispense 1-2 pumps into hand (a little goes a long way). Rake through damp hair and scrunch. Air dry or diffuse.

Step #5: Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray

Texturizing spray for fuller, thicker curls , more voluminous curls and waves. Formulated to enhance texture without drying hair & skin. Nutrient dense and ultra hydrating. Enhances shine.

Hero Ingredients: 

Sea Salt: Naturally texturizes for added definition, while being lightweight & mineral-rich. 

Blue Agave: Natural humectant known for its incredible ability to store moisture & nutrients. It binds hydration to hair & coats follicles with a layer of strengthening protection. Highly nourishing and rich in vitamins & minerals. Prevents dryness, breakage & frizz. 

Red Algae: Super antioxidant that shields hair from environmental damage & pollution. Repairs & nourishes weak hair. Highly popular in skincare with great benefits that revitalize hair. 

Prickly Pear Cactus: Highly rejuvenating & vitamin-rich humectant that deeply nourishes hair. Prevents breakage, reduces frizz, softens hair & adds shine. 

Also features Maracujá, Papaya, Aloe Vera, Chia Extract, Flaxseed + more! 

Suggested Use:  Add this spray as the last step to your regular styling routine to give your hair added texture & definition! Spray onto hair & scrunch to activate texture.  Diffuse to lock in texture. 

Step #6: NEW California Classic Hair & Body Perfume

Fine hair & body perfume custom created for long lasting aromatic benefits without drying hair & skin. Multi-layered, multi-note fragrance formulates in high end fragrance house. Juicy citrus, fresh cut coconut, velvety sandalwood & warm vanilla with a subtle touch of floral..

Hero Ingredients:

Sugar Cane Alcohol: sustainable alternative that is non-drying and non-irritant.

Madagascar Ginger: energizing, invigorating, aphrodisiac

California Lemon: clear the mind, uplifting, stress reducing 

Persian Lime Oil: relaxing, mood boosting

Suggested Use: Mist onto hair or body. Refreshing light scent great for everyday use and on-the-go.

Pro Tip: Mist onto hair in-between wash days.

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 Everything you need in one collection for fabulous, frizz free waves, curls & coils! You deserve the best, we all do! Add some of your old favorites and a few new favorites to your Rizos Curls collection for the BEST curls of your life!


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