Wash N Go:Curly

Wash N Go:Curly
With textured hair, sometimes the goal is to KISS your curls...Keep It Simple,Sis!
A Wash N Go, is just that. The goal is to simplify your curl styling routine to the least amount of products and the simplest application. Keep it simple, but keep it beautiful!


For curly hair, adding in a Treatment Day may be the key to great curls. Wash day can be a regular wash routine with our Hydrating Shampoo which cleans without be overdrying with its Shea Butter that locks in moisture, while not leaving hair greasy & Moringa Oil that is rich in vitamins & nutrients that strengthens hair follicles, while defending against split ends. This is followed by our Deep Conditioner, that includes Coconut, Sunflower, Olive and Argan Oils to reduce frizz, alleviate dry scalp, improve elasticity and deeply nourish strands. This Dynamic Duo is everything you need to keep your curls healthy. Did I mention the Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo & Deep Conditioner are Allure Award Winners? Yes! Award Winning and winning over the hearts of curlies everywhere!


However, if your curls just ain't curling and you notice a dramatic change in your styling results, its time to clarify! Swapping your Rizos Curls Wash Day Duo for a deep treatment day is suggested every 1-4 weeks, depending on the health of your hair. Set aside an extra 30 minutes to do you curls the justice they deserve, and you will thank us later. Start with a pre-poo, like our Detox Oil, that when applied to the scalp and massaged the purifying Tea Tree Oil & detoxifying Lemon Oil, will lift and loosen all flakes and build up. Next, use Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse as a cleanser that will gently clarify to remove excess oil and product residue to give your curls a clean slate. The Organic Apple Cider Vinegar  fights bacteria and gently exfoliates the scalp, while the Black Tea Kombucha is high in antioxidants and has natural caffeine known to thicken & strengthen hair strands. In addition,  this rinse will balance the pH of your scalp creating the perfect environment for healthy hair growth. Our Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is the perfect mask to restore moisture and repair damaged tresses. The Vitamin C Technology begins to revive run down ringlets within the first 5 minutes of use! Murumuru Butter from the Brazilian rainforests, is super rich and creamy, fighting frizz and restoring moisture. Chef's kiss for beautifully conditioned curls!


Medium or thick curls could use a little extra love by way of a leave in to keep curls moisturized. Our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is the perfect prep step for curls to give a little extra moisture to get a jump start on definition. This multi use spray will also make refreshing your curls simple, extending your look for multiple days. The unique liqui-cream consistency is moisturizing, yet will rehydrate without  diluting any products in your hair, like water will. 


Thin to medium curls, we suggest our Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse to create your best curls. This is the perfect option if you like light, airy curls that are weightless or your curls weigh down easily and volume is hard to achieve. It provides definition, hydration, is frizz fighting and adds shine all with that Rizos Curls' "no crunch" hold.  


If your curls are medium to thick, you may want something a little thicker to help those curls fall into frizz free formation. Our Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream is rich & creamy, mid weight styling cream that will define, add shine, and give touchable hold. It's award winning and our show stopper!


Fighting humidity, or need a little hold insurance? Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel will provide flake free, no crunch, touchable hold. This incredible formula includes  nourishing Flaxseed that is rich in Vitamin E, and will boost shine. Also in this incredible gel is Thyme with it's anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits while Rosemary improves hair health and promotes longer, stronger strands. Performance with healthy hair benefits!

You can never go wrong with a few sprays of the Alcohol Free Hairspray to complete your style!  This alcohol-free formula has staying power that provides hold with out the crunch giving your curls movement and max volume. 


If volume is the goal, diffusing is the method. Diffusing your curls will lock in the style and allow your curls to be voluminous and bouncy.  Using gravity and our Collapsible Pink Diffuser to dry hair and roots off the scalp with a diffused flow of warm air is ideal. This method is opposed to strong heat at max speeds that disrupt the curl pattern and diminish definition. If definition is your main goal, air drying is your method. Allowing curls to dry in curl clumps with only natural volume will give great definition & minimize frizz.




Simplify your Wash n Go with Rizos Curls! Quality products with natural ingredients that give you the results you want and make your hair healthier with every use!


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