Styling Tips

Step-By-Step Styling Directions For ALL HAIR TYPES:

  1. Make sure to massage scalp while shampooing. The shampoo contains Moringa Oil that is known to nourish and strengthen scalp and hair follicles.
  2. While conditioning hair make sure to brush hair in the shower while the conditioner is in your hair. If your hair is wavy, curly or kinky DO NOT BRUSH HAIR ANY OTHER TIME, it will cause it to break and frizz.
  3. After washing, use a microfiber towel to dry excess water from hair to reduce frizz.
  4. Apply RizosCurls Curl Cream from roots to ends WHILE YOUR HAIR IS STILL WET
  5. For optimal results blow dry hair WITH DIFFUSER upside down.
  6. Once dry, apply more curl cream in any areas that may need it.
  7. For extra volume, once dry use a wide tooth comb to tease hair while hair is upside down.

~Watch Video tutorial on home page~

Thin or 2-2c hair (see chart below):

  • Follow normal styling directions above. No need to use additional products.
  • Blow dry hair upside down with a diffuser to achieve more defined curls and extra volume.

Thick, dry or 3a-4c hair (see chart below):

  • I recommend using your choice or leave-in conditioner before applying the Rizos Curl Cream. My hair is extra dry from bleaching so I like to apply a small amount of a leave-in conditioner. Be careful not to use too much near the scalp, my hair gets greasy when I do. After applying desired leave in conditioner, I apply a generous amount of Rizos Curls Curl Cream from roots to ends. The leave-in conditioner will ensure my hair gets that extra moisture it needs, but the Rizos Curl cream defines, holds and gives my curls volume leaving them looking like ringlets.
  • My hair is thick and dry, so for similar hair types I recommend not fully washing out the conditioner, I only wash out about 80% of it out.

 For styling questions/comments DM me on Instagram @RizosCurls or Email me at

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