How to: 5 Cute & Simple Curly Hairstyles

How to: 5 Cute & Simple Curly Hairstyles

Tired of rocking the same look? Shake things up with these easy curly hairstyles! For the best #RizosResults, refresh your curls as needed when putting together these looks.


Wash & Go

Rock your natural crown fresh out of the shower after styling your hair the Rizos Curls way.



Messy Bun

No need to slick your hair down! Gather it all into a bun and pull out a few curls to give your hairdo a little sazón.


Side Twist & Ponytail

Throw a twist and a ponytail to the side for a cute throwback vibe. Add accessories for a little flair.

Space Buns

Separate your hair into two sections and form a high bun on each side for a quick and quirky look.

Braided Ponytails

Braid your hair to the scalp on each side and halfway through (at the nape of your neck), put the rest of your hair into ponytails. Add accessories to make the look pop.



               - Millie, Marketing Intern

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