All Things Wavy

All Things Wavy
Big hair, Don't care! Unless you care to know why your hair is always fluffy and likely's probably wavy! How can you tell and how can you bring out those luscious waves? Let's dive right into those waves---pun totally intended! 
Wavy hair has its own set of rules and specific suggested techniques to achieve ideal textured tendrils. We often say, " No curl is created equal" and this is a mantra we live by. Many people have waves, but depending on different things like thickness, length...your approach to living your best wavy life will be very custom. Learn from some of our favorites and a curly expert stylist to see how you can bring those waves to life!

  "They didn't know their hair was wavy"

 Roz Salazar, Curl Specialist & Professional Stylist, is a great source of education for how to treat your waves right! If when your hair is wet, you see a little texture or slight bump in your strands, but it dries naturally frizzy, you just might be wavy. 

 Is my hair 2b or 2c?

Wavy hair falls in the Type 2 category on the Hair Chart. Type 2, like all hair types , is broken down into 3 sub-categories that show a trio of variation ranging from light waves with a loose S-shape pattern that are often times finer, thinner strands. The next jump would be type 2b, which are slightly more defined, and strands are moderately thick with texture starting close to the root. Type 2c waves are almost curls, but lack the full definition of a spiral. 

 Best Products for Wavy, Frizzy Hair

Basic wave routine starts pretty similarly across the range, with making sure your hair & scalp are squeaky clean. Roz reccomends double cleansing with our Rizos Curls Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse to get a deep, clarifying clean. Start with applying to scalp and hair and working through in a circular motion with our Scalp Massage Brush for maximum dirt & flake lift at the scalp level. Because wavy hair is the close cousin to straight hair, the oils & sebum naturally produced travels relatively fast down the shaft of the hair and can result in oily or greasy tresses pretty quickly, the nemesis of creating waves on lightly textured strands.  A second application of the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse at the mid hair shaft to the ends of your hair, is suggested by Roz to get a extra clean slate before adding stylers to encourage texture. Wavy hair is loosely structured and any weight to the strand can weigh down and compromise any light natural waves. 
Adding Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner to mid hair shaft to ends, avoiding roots is key! According to Curl Specialist Roz, adding moisturizers like those present in our rich Deep Conditioner formula can add weight at the root which can eliminate volume.  
Our Refresh & Detangle Spray has dual usage, however, secretly ( not so secret!) it is a triple threat product! For those with waves, Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is a great lightweight moisturizer that moisturizes to fight frizz but also provides a light level of definition to looser textures without any additional weight. Follow up by adding a styler aimed to maximize definition to really encourage and form that wave pattern like our Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse, raking in and scrunching for wave formation. Proceed by adding a layer of  Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel for the hold needed to lock those waves in place. Use "prayer hands" to lightly apply a thin layer, but always end with scrunching hair to the root. 
Just before diffusing, which does the ultimate job of capturing the texture and creating curl memory, Roz likes to add a generous application of our Rizos Curls Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray to root and length of hair. This phenomenal formula gives the increased texture desired without drying strands and allows you to harness the science of sea salt and "trick" your hair into forming those waves and curls. Need more hold to make sure those waves stay waving? Rizos Curls Alcohol- free Hairspray is the finisher to give touchable, humidity fighting hold. 
Finish with diffusing on the warm, low dryer setting using gravity as your friend. Gently flip hair upside down and allow the warm heat to dry the roots lifted off the scalp for ideal volume. High heat  &  high speed settings on your hair dryer, can cause heat damage and push the hair around excessively causing undesired frizz. 

Wavy Hair Routines

Curls and waves are truly unique and the way you do your Rizos Routine is just as unique! Here are some Rizos Reinas with their personal product reccomendations and their Rizos Results so you can see which Rizos Routine might be your best fit!
Meet Anita..she has fine, wavy hair that gets weighed down easily. She doesn't have a lot of natural definiton and her roots are pretty flat and lifeless.
Her Rizos Routine includes Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream, Light Hold Gel & Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray to create waves where there were barely any to begin with! Anita's wave transformation is incredible!
Introducing Jessica...her waves are thick & color treated! Her hair craves moisture and needs a definition boost to see her best waves.
Her Rizos Routine includes Refresh & Detangle Spray as a leave in to add much needed moisture, followed by Light Hold Gel & Curl Defining Mousse for hold and definition. Beach Waves Texturizing Salt Spray gives max texture and helps her achieve her beautiful, big beach body waves!
See your waves rival those of the ocean! 
Rizos Curls has everything you need for All Things Wavy, Baby!

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