Who runs the world..CURLS! 
Ok, not really but when your curls look perfectly defined & moisturized, those curls become a crown of pride making you nothing short of royalty...Rizos Royalty!
Learn some valuable curl care tips from Rozlynn Salazar, Natural Hair Specialist & Curl Cut Stylist, to elevate your curls to the next level.

How do you get good curly hair?

First, it is always good to know what curly type you are rockin' with! We often times have more than one curl type on one head of curls. Tighter curls near the face framing strands, the underside near the nape of your neck and always with shorter layers or areas of breakage. Gravity can stretch a curl pattern, allowing length to change your curl type.  Curl type is also dramatically changed by how you care for your curls, using healthy products and minimizing heat damage, change in diet, medication and hormonal flucxuation. This curl category is broken into 3 sub categories to cover 3 distinct types of curls. Type 3a, is more of an S pattern strand with larger barrel curls, about the size of a large barrel curling iron. Type 3b, is a distinct curl pattern, much thicker and bouncy. These curls are well defined and leave no confusion to whether you have curly hair or not. It is clear, with the natural ringlets that are about the size of an index finger. The tightest curls in the Type 3 category, is 3c, and these curls are super defined and are more dense, as there are plenty of these chopstick sized curls to create thick, luscious curls with natural volume. 

How can I embrace my naturally curly hair?

Having the right Rizos routine will make all the difference. Understanding the products to use, and their benefits will help you find the perfect approach to embracing your curls. Your curls are as custom and unique as you are, so finding out what enhances your curls and gives your the results you desire will be key!

Rozalynn lends her expertise with a few standard tips and technique insights that are beneficial for all natural curlies. She mentions the fine line between defintion and volume for this hair type as frizz can happen without enough moisture, but flat lifeless curls are not the goal. Roz recommends focusing on definition first, and when hair is completely dry, fluffing or breaking the cast to add volume and height to your style. 

Step #1 Pre- Poo

Using Rizos Curls Detox Oil, add a few drops to your scalp and strands and work in with scalp massage brush to gently degrade grime and dirt but add in much needed moisture that curly hair craves. The Tea Tree & Lemon Oils have purifying, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits that support scalp deep cleansing and health all while keeping the moisture locked in. 

Step #2 Wash

Follow up with our Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo, cleansing while adding in moisture with Shea Butter and protecting against breakage with Moringa Oil. Deep cleansing without over drying, keeping curls in tip top condition.

Step #3 Condition

Move on to a rich, deeply moisturizing conditioning mask like our Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask for deeply conditioned curls. This ultra moisture rich formula with Vitamin C technology, clinically proven to repair hair cuticle, resulting in improved shine & manageability in 5 minutes. Murumuru Butter & Argan Oil are reparitive and nourishing  to strands while protecting against breakage and banishing frizz.

Step #4 Style

Section hair to ensure that product application is thorough and product reaches every strand. Key application tip is to apply stylers to wet hair. This allows for moisturizing products especially cream stylers to be absorbed well as opposed to application on semi dry hair that is already begun the process of drying into a style. Adding products at this point will just sit on top of the hair.

For moisture loving curls, our Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream gives us a good base of moisture with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera, while providing impeccable definiton, shine and frizz control with Coconut Oil. Be sure to finger coil around your face for perfect face framing tendrils. For max volume and hold, add our Rizos Curls Alcohol-free Hairspray right before diffusing on warm heat to lock in those curls. Once completely dry, add a few drops of Rizos Curls Nourish Oil to break the cast, add shine and watch your curls come to life! 


 How do I make my curly hair not frizzy?

Curls are so very different, and there are lots of curl concerns to address and ways to bring out the best in your curls! Meet Katya, she has beautiful medium length curls, however she mentions that the curls on the underside of her hair are tighter and her ends are drier, which makes them frizzier. These areas require more moisture and her routine includes just that. Catering to her curl concerns, she adds Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray to detangle and as a leave in to give a moisture boost helping banish excess frizz where her curls are tighter and drier. She adds our rich, creamy Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream to the lower half of her hair where that moisture helps with definition and frizz control. Katya then goes in with Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse to define and hydrate the rest of her hair. Light Hold Gel is then applied as a layer using prayer hands to add extra hold and shine. Her style is complete after diffusing, with Alcohol -Free Hairspray to give her curls staying power.



Low Porosity Curls

Curls that are low porosity, have a challenge to absorb moisture. The strands are not very "porous" which means that the cuticle is very tight & closed, not allowing moisture in easily. Dry, frizzy hair is often attached to low porosity hair and can be the focus when choosing products and perfecting application technique. Every curl is different, but @itslaumichelle tricks her curls into behaving by making sure her hair is drenched before styling. It is strongly recommended to apply styling products on wet, not damp hair, for best results. Lauren has found that once throughly wet, she can then apply our ultra moisture boosting Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream and add Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse for an extra dose of hydration plus definition followed by Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel for a smooth layer of touchable hold.

Frizz free, ultra hydrated curls....let Rizos Curls do it for you!



Always remember your curls are as custom as you are, unique in every way. What works for one, may be different for another but you can never go wrong with high quality products that have ingredients that make your hair healthier over time. Learning a few tips and tricks from the greatest in the curl game, will send you on your way to curls you adore and can rock with pride!  And don't be afraid to change it up as your curls do the switch up. Finding that moisture balance will give you the definition you crave and eliminate the frizz you want to avoid.

Rizos Curls is here for you every step of your curl journey! We got you, boo!



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