Scrub, Exfoliate, Massage...Repeat!

Scrub, Exfoliate, Massage...Repeat!

Who doesn't love a good scalp massage? 

What if we told you that a weekly scalp massage with the Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush would not only deep clean your scalp, exfoliate flakes & dandruff but also improve circulation to stimulate hair growth!
Need we say more?


The Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush is a hair tool everyone needs in their curly care arsenal! 
Your scalp is literally where your hair life cycle begins...the better you care for your scalp, the stronger your hair will grow.


 When you know & understand the benefits of a scalp brush,
you will automatically qualify the Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush
to be a MUST have for EVERY wash day!  

Benefits of using the Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush:


Deep cleans your scalp
Scrub flakes, dandruff and product build up with a deep clean that will allow your roots to grow & thrive freely without having to push through layers of debris.


Enhance your circulation
Proper blood flow to your scalp is just the boost you need for healthy hair growth.


 Ideal Product Distribution
Whether you use your Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush with our Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo in the shower or on dry hair with your favorite hair oil, using our scalp brush will help distribute the shampoo or oil evenly making sure to reach every inch of your scalp!


Relaxing & Rejuvenating
Scalp massages relax the muscles in your scalp and head and allow rejuvenation and release of tension especially after a stressful day.


Our Rizos Reinas are leveling up on wash day by focusing on scalp care and nourishing strong, resilient, vibrant curls at the source!
Try our Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage will change your life!

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