The LOC Method with Rizos Curls

The LOC Method with Rizos Curls


LOC Method & Rizos Curls

By Jasely Molina


If you’re a #RizosReina or #RizosRey with type 4 natural hair and you’re currently dealing with split ends, excessive dryness, and difficulty styling your hair, then the LOC Method is your best friend. Incorporating the LOC Method to your hair regimen can save your natural hair journey and speed up your wash day. 
Naturalistas have perfected the technique of the LOC Method in order to maximize hydration, retain moisture and welcome in shinier and healthier coils. If you’re unsure what LOC means or how you can use this method on your type 4 hair, worry not. Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Expert Betzaida Orengo is here to break down the key to moisture retention and healthier and bouncier rizos! 


First things first: What is Type 4 hair? 

Everyone has one or more curl patterns, so understanding your hair type can help you identify your hair’s needs and how to properly style your hair to prevent unnecessary breakage and mechanical damage (i.e. over-manipulating hair, too many ponytails, tight protective styles). According to Orengo, type 4 hair is known for its beautiful, tight coils (tightly curled hair) and small springs that vary in definition and width. When fully dried, type 4 hair has a consistently tight “S'' shape, while the tightest type 4 hair (4C hair) has a “Z” shape.  

What is the LOC Method? Why does it work best on type 4 hair? 

Some of the biggest hair concerns that Rizos Reinas and Rizos Reyes have regarding their coily-kinky textured hair is that it’s hard to retain moisture, length and definition. Incorporating the LOC (Leave In-Oil-Cream) Method to your hair routine can address those issues. 
“The LOC Method is the best way you can keep type 4 hair moisturized because this hair type relies on hydration with water and water-based products,” Orengo says. “The moisture is sealed in with an oil and then the hair cuticles are closed using a cream to prevent moisture loss.”  


Here’s how to do the LOC Method for maximum hydration on type 4 hair 


Step 1: Apply A Leave-In Conditioner

As the foundation of the LOC Method, Orengo recommends applying a generous amount of product to your hair (preferably a leave-in or deep conditioner) and evenly distributing it to prevent excess frizz. Section the hair into 4-6 parts to ensure equal product distribution. 

Applying a hydrating and lightweight leave-in conditioner like the award-winning Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray helps replenish your hair after shampooing and prevents breakage when detangling.   
Each hero ingredient in the Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray has a different job in ensuring your hair is in tip-top shape. Olive oil promotes elasticity and smooths the hair without compromising its texture. Shea Butter locks in all the moisture without weighing hair down, while the coconut oil prevents split ends while reducing frizz. The Refresh & Detangle Spray also contains aloe vera (known for its amazing growth properties), which deeply conditions your coils, keeping it nice and healthy. 

“More often than not, we find that 4C hair isn’t moisturized properly, which causes dryness and brittleness when styling,” Orengo explains. “So when you’re starting this method, you want to make sure you thoroughly detangle your hair using a flexi brush or a wide tooth comb.” 

Step 2: Apply your favorite lightweight oil 

Seal in that moisture from your leave-in or deep conditioner with a light oil. Rizos Curls Nourish Oil nourishes the hair while minimizing the appearance of frizz. Each clean ingredient in the Nourish Oil plays a major role in revitalizing the hair and improving its health. The grapefruit oil and orange oil are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C so your hair is not only moisturized but lustrous as well. Carrot seed oil deeply penetrates your hair, hydrates dry scalps and restores moisture. The moringa, castor and sunflower oil blend protects your hair from breakage by nourishing the locks and reducing frizz. 
Avoid using heavy oils as it can weigh down your hair and clog the follicles, which can cause itchiness and irritation. It’s also important to hydrate your ends to prevent splits and knots, so make sure to apply oil there. You can use the Nourish Oil on your ends after styling your hair or use it as a pre-poo to remove hair residue prior to starting your wash day routine. 

Bonus: The Nourish Oil’s essential oil blend is potent yet lightweight, so you can actually use it on your body for a head-to-toe glow! 


Step 3: Style hair with a hydrating curl cream 

It’s time to retain all the added moisture with a hydrating curl cream. Rizos Curls’ Curl Defining Cream is a must! Formulated with aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter, this product deeply hydrates your coils without leaving heavy residue in your hair. Review your hair and see which areas still need some moisture and add more product there. Afterwards, you can scrunch your hair to give it some definition and air-dry (or give the diffuser a try) to welcome in those healthy and vibrant rizos! 
Look how gorgeous your coils are, Rizos Reina and Rizos Rey!
It’s the hydration for us!
Jasely Molina is a proud Afro-Latina journalist + content producer with 3c/4a hair from the Bronx, New York. She has previously worked with Refinery 29, The CUT, Remezcla, Well + Good, The FADER.



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