How to Use: Detangling Flexi Brush


This brush has a control bar that allows you to customize your combing & detangling.

Add the bar to control each glide of the brush to focus on areas that need to be worked through with a little more effort.

Remove the control bar to allow the brush to flow through and flex over your head and down the length of your hair with ease.

Never tug or be heavy handed when detangling curly hair, as you don't want the strands to snap under the pressure!


Always brush and apply products to your hair while it is wet to avoid damaging your hair or wasting products.

Our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is also a "secret weapon" to take tangled to tangle-free hair in a snap!

Using our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray as a stand alone styler will provide the moisture and defintion your curls need.