Rizos Curls Joins Kids of Immigrants to Celebrate Love Day

Rizos Curls Joins Kids of Immigrants to Celebrate Love Day

By: Natalie Torres  

On Saturday, May 7th Kids of Immigrants hosted their annual Love Day celebration in honor of their six-year anniversary. It was a day of Love and Community that included food, drinks, music, games, and Rizos Curls had the honor of being invited to participate in the kickball showdown along with Gorilla RX Wellness and Youth To The People. 

For Kids of Immigrants founders, Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis, it is essential to give back to the community and this was very clear with the curated list of brands and vendors that were in attendance for the event.  

When asked what Love Day means to him, Buezo says, “It is a day of celebrating our people, our community in one day.” 

As for Dennis, “Love Day to me means sharing a loving moment.” 

The Creative Director of Kids of Immigrants, Debbie Gonzalez, shares similar sentiments “Love Day is so special to us because it is really where we say a thank you to our community and our family. It’s nothing but good vibes and it’s a day to really be ourselves.” 

To commence the celebration, there was a friendly kickball showdown. 

Kickball Showdown 

On the sunny Saturday afternoon, two teams energetically showed off their “athletic skills” in what became a kickball showdown between Kids of Immigrants X Gorilla RX Wellness versus Rizos Curls X Youth to the People. As spectators excitedly cheered on the sidelines of the field, it was evident that both opposing teams were in it to win it! 

Rizos Curls Team Cheerleaders

But it is not what you are expecting. Although the opposing teams were determined to win the kickball match under the blazing heat, the best part was observing the teamwork and collaboration among the players. The synergy and passion that each and every one of the players exuded on the field could be felt by the spectators.  

Julissa Prado and Bre

Four different brands and two opposing teams gave it their all on the field for one shared purpose; to celebrate love, community, teamwork, and of course Love Day! 

Rizos Curls x YTTP are Love Day Kickball Champions

Rizos Curls is happy to collaborate with impact-driven entrepreneurs and creatives who are making a significant difference in their communities.  

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