Support Your Roots

Inspired by the personal journey of Nohemi Young, our feature model from our "Support Your Roots" campaign, we are honored to announce we will be offering a $2000 scholarship award intended to offset the heavy burden of nursing school expenses to (1) current nursing student.

Nohemi gracioulsy shared with us the financial obstacles she experienced while navigating the intense rigors of nursing school. Her story encourages us to continue to strive to provide support to those who are in active pursuit of their dreams limited only by financial constraints.

As a growing business, we are constantly seeking opportunities to pay it forward. Giving back to our community is part of the Rizos Curls brand mission and we believe in supporting further education to facilitate the dreams of those around us. Scholarships and grants were—and continue to be—a huge resource for Rizos Curls team members in pursuing higher education.

As such, we’re thankful to extend this scholarship opportunity on behalf of a Nohemi, a Rizos Reina who is breaking barriers and who achieved her goal of completing nursing school, serving as inspiration for another nursing student who is working towards achieving their nursing dreams!

My goal has always been to give back and to show my children and younger generations that regardless of how hard the circumstances you are more than that. You are better, stronger, and smarter than the obstacles that come your way. It’s okay to pause and regroup but never waver from the goal you have set for yourself.

Let this scholarship empower you to be the best version of yourself.

- Nohemi