2021 GLAMOUR Beauty Award Winner

2021 GLAMOUR Beauty Award Winner

And the WINNER is....

Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray!

Our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray,  has just snagged the
2021 GLAMOUR Beauty Award for BEST DETANGLER


This award winning formula has been turning heads and changing curls since it launched with Rizos Curls in 2018! A double duty, top tier product that provides incredible slip for detangling  knotty, tangled tresses and the perfect formulation to refresh and revitalize multi-day curls and coils.  It's like magic in a bottle!
Our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is packed with a ton of beneficial ingredients that make this 2 for 1 product a must have for all curlies! You will never lose when choosing curl friendly, quality ingredients, like Rizos Curls, at any step of your curl care routine! 


Coconut Oil
Reduces frizz, prevents hair breakage & split ends
Olive Oil
Cleans scalp, smooths hair & improves elasticity
Shea Butter
Locks in moisture without leaving hair greasy  
Aloe Vera
Deeply conditions & promotes healthy hair growth

Best Curl Refresh Spray

Use #1 for our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is as the BEST curl Refresh Spray!  This refresh spray for curly hair is a special formula that is everything you need to breathe fresh life into next day ( or multiple days..who are we kidding?!) waves, curls and coils. A replacement for the standard water bottle spritz, Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is the best curl refresher spray to use to re-hydrate curls without diluting your products and watering down their performance.  Unlike plain water, this refresh spray for curly hair adds more Rizos Curls goodness and makes refreshing slept on, frizzy, wild & wonky curls easy-peezy!


HOW TO: Refresh Your Curls

Apply Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray to dry hair in between wash days to renew & re-hydrate curls. Spray throughout hair making sure to focus on areas that need additional moisture and shine. Use hands to scrunch and fingers to coil curls dampened with Refresh & Detangle Spray & shape re-hydrated curls back into place. Do not rinse out. For best results, use a blow dryer on low or warm heat with our Rizos Curls Collapsible Diffuser. Use our Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick to lift and pick roots to add va-va-va-Volume!

Best Detangler Spray 

Use #2 for our Award winning Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is as a magic potion to untangle and unravel knotty, mangled curls! Perfect for right after shampooing and conditioning to give your curls extra moisture to glide a Rizos Curls Wide Tooth Comb thru your curls without issue. Tangles are no match for this remarkable spray that makes detangling simple as 1-2-3! Every and anybody with textured hair will love the detangling spray to navigate through "knot" so friendly territory!
Who loves Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray for curls...moms and dads love this life saver for hydrating little curls and coils. That makes kiddo wash day less of a headache! Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is definitely kid approved!!


HOW TO: Detangle Your Curls

Apply spray to freshly washed & conditioned hair as a prep step, before styling. Spray from roots to ends focusing on areas that need more moisture and are prone to tangling. Comb spray through the length of curls with fingers or wide tooth comb & use as a leave-in. Do not rinse out.



CHISME ALERT: Wanna know a secret? 

The Award Winning formula of Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray is known as a dual purpose product BUT Rizos Reinas & Reyes with wavy hair know its really a Triple Threat!! In addition to its phenomenal abilities to refresh and invigorate tired curls and detangle gnarly, knotted spirals it is a secret weapon styler for those with looser, finer textures! 
Used as a stand alone styler, it will encourage definition in thin, fine waves and curls without adding weight that can pull fragile texture patterns down and out!
Scrunch in Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray and lock in your enhanced definition by using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. Always remember to diffuse upside down.  Gravity is your friend to provide lift at the root and enjoy voluminous tresses!  Enjoy weightless curls and waves courtesy of the Swiss Army Knife of the Rizos Curls family of products,



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