Caring For Coils

Caring For Coils


Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the curliest curls of all...Type 4 coily curlies do! 

What is coily hair?

Tiny, twisted tendrils of perfection that are typically so plentiful, the volume is on max! Coily or Type 4 curls are undeniably curly from root to tip and they are thick and dense creating the ideal crown of tiny curls! Like all curl types, there are 3 sub categories to type 4 curls/coils. Type 4a coils are well defined tiny coils that can also be s-shaped, but they are loose enough to see each strand stand alone. These coils look like little springs about the size of a drinking straw. Type 4b and c curls are more dense, and the curls are intertwined into coil clumps. Type 4b coils have a distinct zig- zag pattern. Less defined, type 4b experiences shrinkage and is naturally voluminous, giving glorious size with little effort. The coiliest of all, type 4c, think thick, mounds of the tiniest springy curls that are compact and intertwined and can create some of the most amazing afros ever!  


What is the difference between a curl and a coil?

Both members of the textured hair family, some identifying characteristics make it a little easier to tell which curl type you have. And note, we typically have more than one curl type on our we have to be flexible in our curl care to meet the needs of every curl. Curly hair will range from big, large flowy curls to to very definite, recognizable corkscrew spiral curls. This hair type can be frizzy, and could use the help of defining products to have a pronounced curl pattern. Coily hair have very tight zig zag or s-shaped strands that are thick and prone to shrink up when dry. Although all textured hair , from waves to coils are drier by nature, coily hair is typically the most dry, brittle and naturally most prone to breakage.

According to Rozalynn Salazar, Natural Hair Specialist & Curl Cut Stylist tending to coily hair is no sweat! A few intentional key components in your curl care routine and your coils will be the best they have ever been. Because coily hair is dry by nature, it is critical to moisturize and hydrate to keep hair supple, improve elasticity and control frizz. With dire need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, we often times overload coily hair with heavy products only which makes us susceptible to build up very quickly. 

Step #1 WASH

We need a deep clean for a clean slate! Starting off your hair routine with a gentle yet effective cleansing shampoo and a deeply moisiturizing conditioner is perfect for coily hair. Because product can build up quickly suffocating the scalp and weighing down strands, using Rizos Curls Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse is perfect to gently clarify your curls and coils to lift away product build up, excess oil and grime while restoring pH balance to the scalp. Using the Scalp Massage Brush will give you a good scalp scour to remove all flakes and help lift debris that congests the pores on your scalp which can inhibit growth. Coily hair can take a long time to see growth due to the tight textured coils and shrinkage associated, so maintaining a healthy scalp with the ideal environment for unobstructed growth is important. 


Once a week, treating your coils to a deeply moisturizing mask treatment can be a game changer for your hair. Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask has high performing ingredients like Murumuru Butter which is a reparitve and ultra moisturizing, Argan Oil that adds moisture to prevent breakage and with Vitamin C technology proven to repair the hair cuticle and improve shine and manageability with the first use. This is a must for parched coils! 

Knowing your porosity will help you deliver that much needed moisture to your strands without fail. High porosity hair is very porous and moisture is easy come, easy go. With highly porous hair, you need to add moisture and seal it in to trap it to the strand forcing absorption. Easy way is to add an oil like any of our Hairscription Oils ,to your routine to seal and create a barrier. Like we learned in school, water and oil don't mix, so adding an oil on your freshly moisturized hair will keep the moisture from passing, keeping it right where it needs to be. Low porosity hair is the opposite, and the cuticle is not very porous preventing moisture from absorbing, and having it sit on top of the strand and often times rinsed off with little benefit. Low porosity strands need a little help to to be more social butterfly and less wall flower. Adding steam or gentle heat will do the trick! Think a a professional facial....steam is applied to skin to open pores to accept the benefits of skincare. Same with hair, the steam will open the cuticle allowing absorption and then can be sealed with a cold rinse.

Step#3 STYLE

Styling tips for coils is to use a little bit of patience to get a style that will stand the test of time! Coils respond when 2 important techniques are observed. Apply products to wet hair that is sectioned. Depending on the thickness, sectioning hair into 4-6 sections, will allow you to rake in a defining styler from root to tip, and finishing with prayer hands to ensure thorough coverage. Follow with the Flexi Brush to create curl clumps and curl memory. Finish by diffusing to lock in your style and let the gentle heat open up the cuticle and soak in all that moisturizing goodness! Add those drops of oil to add luminous shine and seal those strands!





Every curl, every coil is different and finding your Rizos Routine will be the answer to your curly dreams! Carla loves to add extra moisture with our Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray  to detangle and use as a leave in. She applies Rizos Curls Curl Defining Mousse to wet hair and finger styles for the perfect curls. Carla finishes with Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel for an added layer of curl control and a dose of brilliant shine!

Caring for coils is easy peasy with Rizos Curls!

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