Chemicals To Avoid In Hair Products

Chemicals To Avoid In Hair Products


In order for your rizos to live their best life, it is recommended you use the healthiest ingredients possible when caring for your curls! Similar to how we try to eat healthy and nutritious food, quality ingredients help your hair thrive. Reading product labels, and knowing what to steer clear of, will help you make informed decisions about which products to use to help give you healthy, strong, nourished curls!

Rizos Curls has NO SULFATES, NO SILICONES, NO PARABENS! You can find our ingredients listed on each product page.


Why No Sulfates?
Sulfates is just a fancy word for detergent and is found in many shampoos & cleansers. It often creates foamy lather during washing. Those bubbles and suds give the "illusion" of clean, when in actuality sulfates used as an every wash day cleanser may strip your hair of natural oils making your hair brittle.  Prolonged use of products containing high levels of sulfates will leave curls dry, frizzy and prone to breakage. 


We suggest clarifying your hair before trying new products...your results will differ on fresh, clean hair that does not have prior build up from other products. 
Click here for ways Rizos Reinas clarify their curls with items you have at home! 


What Are Parabens?
Parabens are preservatives used to keep hair and beauty products stable. They mimic the natural anti-microbial benefits found in plant sources and are much less expensive, making them a popular choice in beauty products. Parabens are not only skin irritating, but are very drying to the scalp and may even cause hair loss with prolonged use.  They are classified as a neurotoxin (poison affecting the nervous system) and have been linked to reproductive issues.


Silicones Are Not Your Friend!
Silicones provide a plastic like coating to hair strands giving the appearance of smooth, shiny curls. This thin layer (multiple days between washing creates layers of silicone build up before washing) of plastic suffocates your hair and will eventually weigh it down and create limp, lifeless curls. Most silicones are not water soluble and will not wash clean without a clarifying shampoo. 


Rizos Curls' brand mission is to provide curl care products made with quality ingredients that provide nurturing benefits and support healthy curls, waves and coils. We are transparent with the ingredients used in our Rizos Curls formulas and make every effort to educate and inform the Rizos Curls community on how to properly care for their hair. Our Rizos Royalty deserves the best of the best when it comes to their Rizos!


Check Your Labels... Sniff Out Bad Ingredients!
If you are not familiar with an ingredient, please research it from a credible source!



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