How to: Rizos Reset! Let's CLARIFY!

How to: Rizos Reset! Let's CLARIFY!

One of the most important maintenance practices for healthy, happy scalp & curls is clarifying and detoxing your hair & scalp regularly. Even when making sure to use quality products, with quality ingredients, clarifying is crucial to keeping hair bouncy, healthy and vibrant. When you notice your curls are dull, flat, lackluster or seem to struggle to stay defined, it is definitely time for deep down clean. 


Rizos Reinas & Reyes usually wash 1-2x a week, allowing their curls to thrive multiple days without washing.  Overtime, you may begin leaving product residue behind and collecting environmental debris and eventually it will catch up and weigh curls down.  Clarifying & detoxing regularly will solve this! Your goal is to get your curls back to square 1 every 30-45 days or whenever you notice your curls are limp and lifeless. Time for a RIZOS RESET! 

 Clarify your Curls

The Complete Scalp Care Bundle featuring a powerful scalp care lineup with our products aimed specifically at reviving the health of your scalp, detoxing and clarifying scalp & strands. This combo will leave your scalp & hair feeling incredibly clean, soothe itchiness or irritation, and allow the perfect conditions for your hair to grow healthy & strong. After all, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Get ready to enjoy shiny, healthy hair with this must-have bundle for all hair types! 

Detox For A Deep Clean

Clarifying your curls and scalp are key to keeping hair healthy! Scalp care is critical,  detoxing and clarifying your curls includes making sure debris, build up, excess sebum, dirt & grime are deeply cleansed and removed to prevent hindering growth. Purging and unblocking the hair follicle at the root, will allow for unobstructed growth and also allow beneficial ingredients to absorb easily without having to fight through layers of grime and gunk. Gently clarifying scalp and hair will empower your curls to regain their bounce, restore their shine and increase the manageability of your hair. Re-establishing the pH balance to your scalp's microbiome wards off skin irritation like flakes and scalp itch. 

The Complete Scalp Care Bundle includes 3 full-sized products plus a FREE Scalp Massage Brush:

  • Detox Oil for Hair, Scalp & Body (1fl oz / 30ml) 
  • Detox Scalp Scrub (8.4fl oz / 250ml) 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse (10fl oz / 296ml) 
  • Pink Scalp Massage Brush (FREE Gift with Purchase of Bundle)



    Step #1

    Detox Oil

    Apply 5-10 drops of Detox Oil to scalp and massage with Scalp Massage Brush in a circular motion. Be sure to work the oil into your entire scalp as the Detox Oil will break down and degrade the layer of dirt, grime and sebum on the surface of your scalp. A steady circular motion, will help lift the plug of oil trapped in the pores of your scalp where hair follicles are rooted. This step will help get things loosened and lifted to  ensure nothing is left behind after detoxing and clarifying. 

    🌱Hero Ingredients: 

    Tea Tree Oil: Known for its natural healing, soothing & antimicrobial properties, Tea Tree helps re-balance excess oil production, combat flakes, and soothe scalp & skin with its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

    Lemon Oil: Naturally purifies & helps restore health with its potent antioxidant & detoxifying  benefits. It helps eliminate excess product buildup, purifying pores around the hair follicles and acts as a natural astringent reinvigorating scalp & skin health.   
    Tamanu Oil: A nutrient-dense oil that provides anti-inflammatory benefits that soothe the scalp & promotes enriched, moisturized & softer hair revealing its natural sheen. 

    Calendula Oil: Time-tested therapeutic oil from South America that is soothing, healing & strengthening for hair follicles. 

    Sunflower Oil: Maintains hair, scalp & skin softness, deeply moisturizes, reduces dryness, combats frizz & enhances shine. 

    Safflower Oil: Rich in vitamins & nutrients, acts as an emollient that traps moisture and keeps hair and scalp moisturized. Naturally reduces inflammation, replenishes the skin's barrier & reduces dryness. 

    Step #2

    Detox Scalp Scrub

    Add Detox Scalp Scrub directly to scalp and gently work with Scalp Massage Brush into a rich lather. Be sure to work scrub into entire scalp and then length of hair. Rinse throughly. A second rinse may be needed.

    🌱Hero Ingredients:

    Pink Clay: Purifying & detoxifying pink clay absorbs impurities, pollutants & toxins from scalp & hair. Works like a face mask, but for your scalp. 

    Peppermint Oil: Keeps scalp balanced with antimicrobial properties for overall healthy scalp & hair.  

    Arnica: Known for its healing properties, it is anti-inflammatory & balancing for the scalp, as well as helps to strengthen hair follicles. 

    Moringa Oil: Nourishes scalp while fighting dandruff & split ends. Strengthens hair follicles with minerals & vitamins. 

    Hydrated Silica: Naturally-derived & biodegradable exfoliants that gently remove product buildup, dead skin & excess oil from scalp.  


    Step #3

    Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse

    Using pointed nozzle, apply Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp & Hair Rinse to scalp and strands. Work into a lather using Scalp Massage Brush and allow to sit for 3-5 min. Rinse throughly. Follow with Deep Conditioner or Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask.

    🌱Hero Ingredients:

    Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Natural antibacterial that gently cleanses & removes buildup. This highly popular ingredient for reviving scalp & hair balances pH levels and allows scalp & hair to retain moisture. 

    Lemon Oil: Naturally purifies & detoxifies, helps rebalance the production of oils, reduces hair breakage & softens hair. It soothes the scalp & fights bacteria with its potent antioxidant benefits. It purifies pores around the hair follicles & acts as a natural astringent helping to reinvigorate scalp & hair health. 

    Black Tea Kombucha: A natural source of caffeine known to stimulate stronger, longer & thicker hair, as well as enhance radiance & shine. It nourishes scalp & hair with antioxidants, vitamins & probiotics.  

    Niacinamide: A favorite in skincare, this efficacious ingredient reduces sebum, which is the main cause for oily scalp. It helps to increase protein synthesis, also known as keratin, which in turn promotes stronger & healthier strands. 



    3 easy steps to clean scalp & hair! Add this essential & necessary step to your curl care routine to maintain healthy, happy hair & scalp!



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