Curly Hair Do’s & Don’ts

Curly Hair Do’s & Don’ts

Having curly hair is such a special joy, but sometimes it needs a little TLC to upkeep and get the best results. Here are a few DOs and DONTs that come with having curly hair.

DO use curly hair friendly products with no sulfates, no silicones, and no parabens (none of our products contain these harsh chemicals).  These chemicals damage the hair’s natural pattern and health and can even lead to serious side effects such as hair loss and some studies show that the may be a carcinogen.

DON’T purchase or use products without doing your own research. Even if your favorite curl friend uses a certain brand or products, look up the ingredients and purpose of the products. That's why all of our ingredients can be found online under each individual product. Even if the products work well for your friend or have clean ingredients, not all products work the same for all hair types, so what works for them might not work for you; you may have a different curl pattern or porosity.

DO keep your hair washes to a minimum (2-3 times a week). The body’s natural oils travel down curly hair slower than straight hair because of the pattern of the coils, so your strands need all the moisture they can get. We recommend our Hydrating Shampoo because it gently cleanses without over drying your hair & scalp.  In addition to minimum washes, deep condition your hair once every 1-2 weeks to keep your curls hydrated.

DON’T use heat tools such as straighteners/curling irons or chemicals like hair dyes on your hair, as they will damage your hair and alter your natural curl pattern. 

DO use a diffuser on your blow dryer when drying your hair, so that your curls dry defined and give you the best #RizosResults. 

DON’T brush or apply products on your hair while it is dry. Brushing curly hair while it's dry can break the hair. Our Detangling Flexi Brush is designed to brush your curls whilst minimizing hair loss. Applying products on dry hair will waste your product. No one applies dish soap to a dry sponge–think of your curls as a sponge that needs water in order to activate the product! Always brush and apply products to your hair while it is wet to avoid damaging your hair or wasting products.  

DO put your hair up at night or sleep on a pillow covered with a silk pillowcase. Doing this will keep your curls defined and frizz-free while you sleep. If you need tips on how to do so: check out this post.


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