Fairy-Dusting 101

Fairy-Dusting 101


Ingredients are EVERYTHING! From what we eat, to what we use on our skin and our hair...ingredients are important! Everyone should be reading labels, not only for performance, as in hair products, but healthy options and benefits of high-quality ingredients. 

We are naturally attracted to products with beneficial ingredients especially if they are marketed boldly on the label or in advertisements. Words like “natural” or “healthy” or “pure” can catch your attention, but what if the specific ingredients that are healthy, natural or pure are only minimally added to your product 

In many cases, these high quality ingredients are added in tiny quantities and have little to no impact when using the product. Many companies will bamboozle you by mentioning that a product includes specific ingredient only to discover there is such a minuscule amount included, that it is almost non-existent in the formula... especially because at such a low quantity it is not providing the benefits you are expecting.  


How can you know if you are being "Fairy Dusted”? 

Check your labels! 

Ingredients are listed in orderwith the ingredients used in the greatest amount first, followed in descending order by those in smaller amounts 

If the ingredient is listed last or close to last...it has just been “dusted" on the formula.  The concentration or amount included is very low and has little to no benefit. 


If glycerin is one of the first 4 ingredients and they have lots of quality extracts towards the end: they are most likely NOT fairy dusting. Glycerin is needed to mix the quality extracts. 💖

Rizos Curls does NOT Fairy Dust!  

Our high-quality ingredients were hand selected for their amazing properties and our formulas were lovingly crafted to make sure our Rizos Reinas & Reyes & Royalty enjoy all the wonderful benefits of superior curl care products! 

Check out more about our ingredients and their benefits: here!



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