How to Have a Hot CURL Summer with Mermaid Waves

How to Have a Hot CURL Summer with Mermaid Waves

Are you ready for a Hot Curl Summer?🌞 Yaaas!

Pool, beach, toes in the sand and don't forget the long summer nights! All you need is a good fun in the sun playlist and you have everything you need to have a Hot Curl summer!
Bathing suits and beach towels mixed with summer dresses or tanks tops all with your favorite flip flops...the only things missing is the hair!
It's ALWAYS about the hair!


Beach waves are all the craze ( all year, really!) when the weather heats up and the days become longer! We want no fuss glamour fit for the perfect pool party with just a touch of sun-kissed tresses that make it look like you live a double life as a mermaid!

🌊How to create Mermaid Waves🌊

The beauty of hair, is with a little manipulation you can wear your hair in many different styles to stay on trend, try something new or just experiment with different looks. Loose texture or "Mermaid Waves" is a favorite style for summer as many spend time in the water soaking up the sun, but want to have a cute look for the rest of the day or night. 
Whether you have natural curly hair or light waves, its easy to create this low maintenance look perfect for some Hot Curl Summer Lovin'!


The Set Up! 

To set you hair up for beach wave success, you must first wash your hair with Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo followed by Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner to give your hair a fresh start! Avoid adding conditioner to the roots for maximum volume potential!
Add Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray to detangle and add moisture, as the goal is to create frizz free beach waves!


Follow up with Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream dispersed in your hair to prepare for that beach wave action! Add Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel for an extra layer of frizz protection. The non- crunchy hold will fight humidity and give a light cast creating definition as deep as the sea!


Diffuse with our Rizos Curls Pink Collapsible Diffuser on low, warm heat to lock it all in...even Ariel will be jealous of your tsunami of Mermaid Waves!
🌊Rizos Curls Tip: Once waves are diffused, flip hair upside down and lift roots with Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick for maximum volume!


🌊Rizos Curls Tip: To create heat less "Mermaid" waves,  with defined texture, skip the diffuser step altogether, and manipulate wet or damp hair. If desiring a looser texture, you can manipulate dry/slightly damp hair.
See below for your next step based on desired results & effort.



Low Pig Tails: Split hair Down the middle using the Rizos Curls Wide Tooth Comb. Loosely braid each side into standard 3-strand braids and go down as far as you can go then attach an elastic band. The texture stops where you stop, so be sure to go all the way down the length of your pig tail. The tighter you braid, the deeper the waves.


French/Dutch Braids or Corn Rows: Decide on the amount of braids you will want to make.  The more braids, the more texture is created. You may need a friend to help if you are not able to braid/cornrow your own hair. 


Bantu Knots/Space Buns: Bantu Knots is a hairstyle worn originally by the Bantu people of SW Africa. Similar styles are worn by different cultures, including on many of the islands in the Caribbean. This style works well as a protective style worn for several days, then let down for consistent pattern when you are ready to embrace the waves.


🌊Rizos Curls Tip: When letting down your style and hair has completely air dried (braids, corn rows, Bantu knots, etc ) to reveal textured tresses, add a few drops of Rizos Curls Nourish Oil to your palms and fingers before unraveling. This helps to add shine to each strand but also makes the process pain free while allowing the oil to hydrate and smooth allowing you to unravel without issue. 
Use these tips and techniques with Rizos Curls products to channel your inner mermaid and  create beach waves on your hair naturally.
It's as simple as 1,2, Sea! 🌊




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