Conquer the Frizz Fight in Humidity with Rizos Curls

Conquer the Frizz Fight in Humidity with Rizos Curls
Summer is in full swing and nothing says summer like temperatures over 90 degrees and humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife! What used to be the enemy of textured hair, can now be a friendly encounter with Rizos Curls...the best products for humidity have come to the rescue!


Although humidity is not a fan favorite for most, it does have some perks. The extra moisture that makes you feel sticky even when you are fresh out of the shower, does bring benefits to skin. It can help keep your skin stay hydrated, be soft, and supple and can also aid in skin regeneration by increasing cell turnover. No chapped skin or lips in a humid climate! Similar to how some plants thrive in moist humidity, the skin loves the abundant dose of dewiness. Humidity is also known to improve sleep, alleviate allergies and lower stress levels.


Now when it comes to hair and humidity, the story changes drastically.  Curls and waves become frizz factories when met with high humidity. The science behind the effects of humidity on hair, start with excessive moisture swelling and expanding the cortex of the hair strands. The cuticle of your hair is then roughed up with the additional relentlessness dose of hydration and this keeps the cuticle from laying down and being smooth. A roughed up hair cuticle equals frizz for curly hair and it makes it close to impossible to achieve curl definition without some additional help from products that provide extra control.


Our Rizos Curls Alcohol Free Voluminous Hair Spray is the answer to your anti humidity prayers! When our Rizos Curls Family from all the tropical & steamy climates asked for us to formulate the best products for humidity, Rizos Curls accepted the challenge! It was a cry for help from those whose curls battle humid weather year after year. We aimed to answer the desperate plea for the best products to fight humidity and we are proud to contribute quality products with beneficial ingredients that perform and are healthy for your hair & scalp. Our new addition to Rizos Curls not only provides hold and voluminous curls, but it is the best anti humidity spray around! Paired with our Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel, humidity stands no chance! Add a few drops of our Rizos Curls Nourish Oil to add an extra layer of  anti humidity frizz protection by creating an oil/moisture barrier. 


Don't believe us....Just ask Julissa Prado, our Rizos Curls Founder & CEO! She tested this Rizos Curls anti humidity frizz fighting combo while on vacation in beautiful Italy! Attending a wedding, Julissa gave our anti humidity products a run for a full day of wedding festivities! Dinner, Dancing and sweeping Italian breezes could not compete! Humidity has met its match with Rizos Curls!


@rizoscurlshair The proof is in the curls 👀✨ Check out @Julissa Prado test out our NEW #RizosCurls Volumizing Hair Spray to see how long her curls last in Italy in 100° degree weather, and extra humidity. 🥵☀️ We think it passed the test! What do you all think? Shop our NEW Volumizing Hair Spray at & Target 🎯. #rizoscurlshair #hairspray #humidity #weartest #humidityhair #italy #curlyhair #newproduct ♬ original sound - yana🧛🏼‍♀️

And Julissa is not the only one living a anti humidity curl life!

Here is the step by step on how to use the best products for frizzy hair in humidity:

Apply Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream to freshly washed & conditioned curls. Rake and scrunch to encourage curl definition.
Add  Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel to give an extra layer of hold. Be sure to apply gel to frizz prone areas.
Diffuse on warm heat to lock in curls and add volume.
Spray Rizos Curls Volumizing Hair Spray at roots for added volume, and as a finishing spray to get touchable, humidity fighting hold without the crunch.
Add a few drops to Rizos Curls Nourish Oil to give a brilliant shine and extra barrier of  protection against moisture.


Experience your anti frizz, anti humidity curl life with Rizos Curls!
You may not be able to escape the summer humidity that keeps your skin sweaty & sticky but at least your curls will be on point!



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