Not All Fragrance Is Bad

Not All Fragrance Is Bad

Your hair smells so good! What is that scent?

Many have concerns when they see added fragrance in their beauty & hair products. The education regarding fragrance is often misleading and incomplete and our goal at Rizos Curls is to always reach one, teach one. We prioritize carefully crafting and formulating high quality products that not only perform exceptionally on textured hair, but also contain natural & beneficial holistic ingredients and extracts that contribute to the health of your hair & skin. We involve ourselves in every step of product creation as we are intentional with what we introduce to our family of products.


Good to your curls and good for your curls
(and skin)!
Rizos Curls works with a fantastic product development agency that helps formulate clean beauty products for major brands. They really are state of the art, and they help inform us of innovation in the clean beauty space as well as help develop our products to meet European (EU) standards, which is the highest level in clean beauty & bans over 1,400 toxic ingredients. We are proud of the efforts we invest to provide top tier curl care products that meet the highest of global standards.
 The question of fragrance in the U.S. is centered on the notion of confidentiality/proprietary information.  In the EU, brands are required to include in the ingredient listings on their products, the allergens in their fragrance.  This is the reason why labels affixed to EU health & beauty products will not include the word “fragrance” as an ingredient on the back label. The solid truth is, many of these products DO contain fragrance.  Rather than printing “fragrance” on the labels of EU products, they will simply only call out and list any common ingredients that can potentially cause an allergic reaction to those that suffer or are sensitive.  This leads to major confusion among  customers in the U.S.. They become perplexed thinking EU products don’t contain “fragrance,” although many’s just a difference of  the ingredient listing format that is required to meet the EU regulations. 
 In the U.S. fragrance is considered highly confidential and a “trade secret.”  Fragrance is understood legally to be part of a brand’s proprietary brand assets that differentiate that brand from other brands.  That is why many brands have a “signature scent.”  For this reason, in the U.S. it is the standard that brands do not disclose their fragrance info publicly and instead simply write “fragrance” on the ingredient listing. To clarify, the "recipe" to achieve the scent you have grown to love and synonymously connect to your favorite brand, is like grandma's family recipe.  You don't share it so people can't copy it. 
Rizos Curls values transparency & visibility on what we include in our products. We go to great lengths to educate on ingredients and their benefits and the exact reasons for including specific ingredients in our formulas. We have complete lists on the back of every label included on our products, as well as an Ingredient Glossary on our website,
The ingredient glossary not only list the ingredient and its specific benefits, it also includes the EWG ( Environmental Working Group)Skin Deep ratings score. The EWG scoring ratings are globally recognized as a credible source of ingredient safety in clean beauty. Performance, healthy hair and skin benefits weigh in our decisions when formulating our products. We stand by our commitments that all Rizos Curls products DO NOT contain:
  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • silicones
  • formaldehydes,
  • phthalates,
  • artifical dyes
  • drying alcohols
  • mineral or petrolatum oils 
and are  ALWAYS Cruelty free!
 Fragrance in itself is neither good nor bad – it ALL depends on what is actually included in the fragrance and whether the ingredients are harmless or toxic.  The vast majority of people like fragrance and prefer products with fragrance, not to mention the $45 billion worldwide fragrance market.  Some customers prefer products without fragrance, and this can be due subjectively to whether they like or dislike the fragrance scent as well, as whether they have sensitivities or have allergies to common ingredients.


In all actuality, the question is not about using fragrance or not using fragrance in your beauty products, but perhaps it’s mostly about disclosing the allergens in their fragrance, as well as providing fragrance-free options for customers that have that preference.  Rizos Curls has recently added a range of products that do not contain fragrance and are simply scented naturally with the aroma of the natural ingredients in the formula.
 Clean beauty brands that include fragrance in their products work with fragrance houses to create the very best fragrances.  Time & resources are invested in fragrance as this selection is the scent profile connected to your brand. Similar to how we can smell something and instantly connect it to a product or brand, the fragrance attached to our favorites does matter.  We work with the best fragrance houses in the U.S. and create custom fragrances from scratch. Rizos Curls Founder & CEO,  Julissa Prado, literally visited several fragrance houses to meticulously develop our signature fragrance. At Rizos Curls, we deliberately continue to focus on creating the very best combination of ingredients that will adhere to our internal brand standards as well as reduce potential allergens.

Fragrances are usually made up from below:

Synthetic fragrances:
neither good nor bad, just using ingredients that are not naturally derived, but specifically designed to create certain scents.
Natural fragrances:
literally natural, they are taken/derived from nature and have their natural scent.


Blend of Natural & Synthetic fragrance:
very popular, which is what Rizos Curls does.  We use the highest amount of natural fragrance, while reducing potential allergens and replacing ingredients that are high in allergens with a safer synthetic alternative.



Generally, natural fragrances are much higher in allergens and  prone to causing potential allergies than synthetic fragrances.  That is simply just due to  the nature of the ingredients.  Think seasonal allergies!  Many are allergic to "natural" things that occur in nature. Someone who sneezes and has itchy eyes when they spend time outside near pine trees, may be able to tolerate a holiday candle or room spray with the same scent profile, made with harmless synthetic alternatives. 
Some people mistakenly think that natural fragrances are “better” for you, but don’t realize they are actually much, much higher in allergen content.  Clean beauty brands that include fragrance in their products formulate them based on what their brand ethos is, some are more natural ingredient driven as Rizos Curls is, and others are more science-driven and prone to using more clean synthetic ingredients.


All in all, transparency is key, and Rizos Curls aims to earn and keep the trust of our customers through education and assure them that we will always prioritize our Rizos Curls Family. We choose to collaborate with our hand selected teams of experts during the product formulation process to create the very best products that are good for your hair and good for you!
You have our Rizos Curls Commitment!!

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