Olive Oil for Curly Hair

Olive Oil for Curly Hair

Olive Oil

What is Olive Oil?

Known for centuries as the "Wonder Oil of the Mediterrean", Olive Oil has been known to be the exotic oil that is jammed packed with health benefits that can benefit you from the hair on your head to the soles of your feet, literally!
Used in a variety of ways, Olive Oil benefits are just about limitless! Olive Oil benefits are why this oil is used in cooking for added flavor, ingested for medicinal purposes, and regularly used topically for skin and hair care.
Originally from the Asia Minor Basin, this wonder oil has been spread and harvested in Iran, Palestine and the rest of the Mediterrean Basin for more than 6,000 years. Used in ancient times as a staple because of the extensive benefits of Olive Oil, it continues to be used as a staple today all over the world.  The western world has long admired the health benefits believed to be a direct correalation to the unrelenting use of Olive Oil used in these parts of the world. Commomly found in pantrys and kitchen cupboards, Olive Oil has long been a popular ingredient in everything from beauty products, to lotions and creams, to shampoos and  conditioners and even salad dressings!
Olive Oil is very high in monostaurated essential fatty acids and rich in Vitamin E.  It also has beneficial Palmitic Acid which is an emollient, and Oleic Acid an amazing natural anti-infammatory.  Squalene is present and is a detoxifier and natural fighter of free radicals as well as Terpenes that are antimicrobial and antifungal. This little wonder oil, has everything packed into one mighty drop!
While the emollients found in Olive Oil act as a natural conditioner, the additional powerful ingredients fight off the free-radical damage from sunlight and pollution. Olive Oil will also soften and smooth curls by forming a film on the surface of the hair to lubricate and improve elasticity and decrease snagging, tangling and friciton that can cause breakage. 
What does Olive Oil NOT do?



 Olive Oil to Condition Hair
Olive Oil benefits curly hair when being used to condition hair, like in our Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner. Rich in the emollient Vitamin E, Olive Oil contains fatty acids that help seal moisture for your dry, brittle hair.

Olive Oil Fights Frizz
Olive Oil creates a protective layer around the hair and seals the cuticles, which lays down the cuticle of your hair. Olive Oil seals in mositure and in turn prevents frizz. Olive Oil is a great option to "scrunch out the crunch" of stylers that provide a slight cast or use as a finisher to seal ends, especially if they are split ends.
Trying to calm the frizz of multi-day curls? 
Olive Oil punch to keep frizz at bay!

Olive Oil for Hair Growth
Olive Oil benefits curls by strengthening roots! We all know that strong hair starts with a healthy scalp!  Olive Oil nourishes the hair at the root, with all its goodness being absorbed by the scalp to boost circulation and encouraging strong and healthy hair growth. Pair Olive Oil with a scalp massage ( we have the perfect Rizos Curls Pink Scalp Massage Brush) to keep your hair growth game strong!

Olive Oil to treat Dandruff
Olive Oil has so many benefits including being anitmicorbial, antifungal and super mositurizing. Dry scalp flakes and irritating scalp itch are typically combatted with a moisturizing emollient that hydrates parched scalp skin. Olive Oil's antiinflamatory and  antibacterial properties makes it the perfect solution to hydrating and treating angry, inflammed scalps. Rock your rizos, flake free!
The benefits of Olive Oil are a long list. So many ways to use , you'll never want to be without Olive Oil and you'll want to make sure its included in everything you that touches your skin, hair and body!  This wonder oil can be beneficial from the inside out and outside in.  It absorbs nicely into the skin allowing you to reap the benefits, as well as when taken internally where the fatty acids fight free radicals and calm inflammation. 



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