Rizos Curls Jefa Hair Pin!

Jefa Hair Pin
It’s time to BOSS UP, JEFA! 

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, own a business, CEO of your own destiny, or feeling a #JefaMood, you are a JEFA! 


What better way to let everyone know that you are a Girl Boss than with our NEW Rizos Curls Jefa Hair Pin!  

Our newest addition to the Rizos Curls Hair Jewelry Rhinestone Pin Collection is this decorative Jefa Hair Pin that speak volumes without making a sound! 

Jefa Hair Pin

The Jefa gold and rhinestone studded decorative hair pin is the perfect hair accessory for your textured tresses! 

It's perfect for those moments when you pull your hair back to put in work at the office, or in an updo to keep those rizos in place during important meetings. The Jefa Hair Pin will let everyone know you are, the HJIC.... 

Head JEFA In Charge!  

Jefa Hair Pin

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