Rosemary Oil for Curly Hair

Rosemary Oil for Curly Hair
So much goodness grows all around us! Many plants and herbs used traditionally in cooking in countless cultures for generations, are now being used in mainstream health and beauty products, revealing the secrets of these powerful natural ingredients with multiple benefits...much more to these plants than just being used to  season food!
Rosemary is a native to the Mediterranean region, however it is grown around the world and used widely in cooking. It is a shrub plant that resembles an evergreen with needles and tiny flowers in blue, white, pink & purple. This plant and its oil has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times and was even considered sacred by Egyptians, Romans & Greeks. 


How to use Rosemary Oil for curly hair?

 Rosemary Oil can can also be used for many health issues & conditions ranging from skin inflammation to skin irritations all the way to  memory enhancement and as a topical healing oil for minor abrasions. For hair, Rosemary Oil is soothing and smoothing, especially for curly textures. It benefits coarser textures and those with high porosity strands with its ability to lay down the hair cuticle. It is also known to help with preventing premature greying and hair loss.

Does rosemary help hair growth for curly hair?

This fragrant herb has long been used in beauty products due to its natural ability to stimulate hair growth. Rosemary essential oil can help promote a healthy scalp as it has antiseptic properties and keeps the scalp balanced and in optimal condition. A healthy, scalp free of issues like flakes & skin irritation provides the perfect environment to encourage new hair growth. Adding a few drops of Rosemary Oil to your scalp can improve nerve growth and blood circulation leading to increased growth potential and minimized hair loss. Women of the Mediterranean having been adding Rosemary to the hair rinses and skin tonics for years for just these reasons. 

Harness the benefits of nature's finest with additions to your routine like Rosemary Oil. Chances are, you might find that what you need is growing in your very own yard! To make it easy, Rizos Curls has included the benefits of Rosemary in our ... Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel flake free,crunch-less hold with the long & strong growing power of Rosemary!

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