"You're so lucky you have curly hair!"

"People pay for those curls!"

"I wish I had curly hair, it's so easy...just wash and go!"

Phrases said around the world to ALL natural curly girls.
What appears to be admired by our straight haired friends, seems to be unpresentable in other circles thus pushing many curlies " Undercover". The stigma of unruly curls looking unkempt, pushed many generations of curlies to trade their natural curls and waves for straight styles,
not even realizing the long term and sometimes irrepairable damage being done.
Times have changed! 
Increased messaging and supportive narratives to embrace what makes you beautiful and unique, including your naturally textured tresses, has been a breath of fresh air for those who have spent their lives fitting the societal standards of what WAS once considered " classy, professional" and what the traditonal standards of beauty were commonly communicated to be.
We are changing the game one curl at a time! And who runs the world...CURLS!


Those who want to retire from being an "Undercover Curly" have a few options to nurture their curls, waves an coils back to health after years of chemically straightening  and heat styling. Depending on the length of time the hair has been munipulated to challenge the integrity of the hair in its natural state, you have a few options to reclaim your natural texture.  Many will go the long haul and deep condition (Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner) their strands and add  regular trims every six to eight weeks to snip small amounts of their mutilated mane a little at a time.  This is a valid option if you are not ready to take the plunge completely and have the incredible patience to nurture your curls gradually back to vibrancy,  inch by inch.


The most popular option to get your curls back in a flash is to do the Big Chop!
The Big Chop is the coined phrase in curly world for those who choose to cut off all the damaged and desecrated spirals that will no longer curl due to months, years, and /or decades of munipulating the natural coiled texture of your hair strands straight. Years of deep chemical damage and extreme heat will render your curls semi-straight, brittle, brassy, and in most cases unable to "bounce" back!


The Big Chop option becomes the only way to give your curls a  chance at a new life in an instant. The cuticle of your hair that becomes injured beyond repair, requires the Big Chop to cut away the damage and allow new growth to thrive at the root level.  Your natural texture will emerge victoriously and your
curl journey can begin with a fresh start!



The Big Chop can be scary to those who want to retain the length of their hair and can't picture themselves with a trendy curly bob or curly pixie cut ( Sooo Cute!) however, once its apparent that the mangled length of curls is holding you back, it becomes the best option to "break up" with those spoiled strands and make way for the new! Don't believe us, ask Barbie!!




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