Undercover Curlies...

It's time to stop hiding!

will help you come out of hiding and nurture your waves and curls to their full potential! 

WHO is an Undercover Curly?

Anyone who has even the slightest texture to their hair, loose waves or undefined curls, who uses heat or chemicals to straighten their hair simply because they don't know how to level up their curls! One who secretly desires to abandon straightening their tresses to embrace and nurture their natural waves, curls and coils.


Rizos Curls product formulas encourage your curls to thrive beyond what you thought was possible! 
Paired with tips, techniques and a finite curl care routine, you will have everything you need to ditch concealing your natural hair and living your best life as you let your curls flow and your confidence grow.  


Follow our blog series "Undercover Curly" to discover the steps to magnify and amplify your natural waves and curls and finally step into your own! See what  a difference a simple change like using the right products, product application, deep conditioning, a  "Rizos Cut" or a haircut specific to textured hair can do to increase those ringlets that are hiding "undercover". 


Check out this GORGEOUS example of an Undercover Curly Reveal with Rizos Curls! 


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Think you you may have curls?

Look at how Rizos Curls can make you never second guess those textured tresses again! 


Are you sabotaging your curl potential?

It's time to reveal those concealed curls and never look back!
Learn about "Straight Hair Tendencies" and how certain approaches to caring for your  hair can make your curls fall flat and hinder any chance to see them flourish.  Unlearn the methods and routines that deplete your opportunity to showcase and embrace your textured tresses proudly and apologetically.


Watch below for quick lessons on the Dos & Don'ts of living your best curl life! 




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