How To: Air Dry vs. Diffuse ~ Tips For Using a Hair Diffuser for Curly Hair

How To: Air Dry vs. Diffuse ~ Tips For Using a Hair Diffuser for Curly Hair

How to Air Dry or Diffuse to Create the Curls you Crave!

Curls can be customized to the style you want based on the drying technique you use! How you dry your curls makes a huge difference in your overall curl style & volume!

Air Dry Curls

Curls that dry naturally without using a curl diffuser, tend to be less voluminous but super defined curls.  This technique can take longer for thicker, tighter textures to dry completely. It will create more uniformed, "fat" curl clumps that can appear elongated.  Those who experience natural curl volume, often opt to air dry.
If you air dry, make sure to work your Rizos Curls Curls Defining Cream and/or Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel through your curls using the raking technique or prayer hands. 
Resist the urge to touch your hair while its air drying...this can create major frizz!



Diffuser Curls

A curly hair diffuser, like our Rizos Curls Pink Collapsible Hair Diffuser, added to your blow dryer, can cut drying time in half ...or more!
Diffused air drys the root and the length of your curls in about 30 mins depending on thickness and length of your curls.  This drying method also separates your curls, giving them more volume and allowing you to dictate shape. Using a curl diffuser while your head is flipped upside down, allows gravity to pull your hair away from your scalp while it dries, locking in height.
This eliminates flat, limp curls that have no movement. Using a curl diffuser also can take your texture up a notch! It magically creates a tighter texture, and gives a more defined pattern.  Wavy girls, have seen defined curl patterns when using a curl diffuser to dry their hair! Add even more volume with our Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick Comb!



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