California Classic Hair & Body Perfume

California Classic Hair & Body Perfume

Introducing Rizos Curls NEW California Classic Hair & Body Perfume, our signature fragrance that captures the scent of a sun-kissed California afternoon. This aromatic perfume for hair & body is lightweight, long-lasting & luminous. Vibrant layers perfectly paired with notes of bright & juicy citrus, fresh cut coconut, velvety sandalwood & warm vanilla rounded out with a subtle touch of blooming floral.

This tantalizing fragrance is new, but is it really? The aroma is oh so familiar as we have taken the signature scent used in our core Rizos Curls products, and carefully crafted it into a luxury, high quality fragrance spray safe to use on your skin & strands. Give them more of a good thing! Now the trailing essence that stops traffic as people around you catch a whiff our your curls, can wash you head to toe! Beware of instant attraction from those nearby!

"You smell so good? It's Rizos Curls!"

 If you are Rizos Curls Familia, you would be rich if given a dollar for every time you heard this line. Compliments are a plenty when your curls emit such a pleasant bouquet of citrus and vanilla, and it has been long requested for this signature scent to be available in a perfume. At Rizos Curls, we love and appreciate our community and their wish is our command. We have been toiling with top fragrance houses and artisan glass makers to bring this California Classic Hair & Body Perfume to life. 

 Ingredients are top priority in Rizos Curls hair products, as we stand by our mission to provide high qulaity curl care formulated with top tier natural ingredients that not only perform, but makes your hair healthier with every use. We brought the same commitment to superior standards with our Rizos Curls signature scent, California Classic. 

California Classic Hair & Body Perfume is multi-note, multi- layered with strong top, middle and base notes to round out this robust, yet refreshing scent that is delightfully layerable and highly complimented.


Sugarcane Alcohol (Grain Alcohol)
Derived from sustainably grown sugar cane with no added chemicals, we thoughtfully replaced the alcohol content present in most fragrance with this sustainable resource. Not only does Sugarcane Alcohol align us with our values to prioritize the environment, but it is also a non-drying option that makes this formula safe for hair and body. Traditional alcohols used in perfumes, like ethanol,  can be drying and irritating to skin and never good for hair. 

Ginger Essential Oil 
Sourced from Madagascar, the essential oil of this spicy, citrus like root  is grounding but energizing, and acts as the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day.

Lemon California Essential Oil
An essential oil sourced from sunny California, with a sweet and cheerful scent profile that helps to clear the mind and uplift your mood.

Lime Persia Essential Oil
The Persian lime is a hybrid citrus, seedless and the marriage of Key lime & lemon. This juicy fruit has a tart, sweet scent that feels refreshing, bright, and uplifting.


Apply to pulse points for longer-lasting scent: behind ears, inner wrists, back of knees, and inner elbows. You can wear alone or layer it with other fragrances. This non-drying, dermatologist tested perfume spray can be sprayed all over your body, to give your skin an intoxicating aroma and especially for hair on non-wash days to restore the scent of your Rizos Curls products in your tresses. This product is a win and will awaken your senses...and the senses of those around you! 


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