Winter Whipping Your Rizos?

Winter Whipping Your Rizos?
Weather changes things, especially winter weather. For those that live in areas where true seasons are experienced, it is a must to switch up your hair care routine just how one might switch their skin care. Cold, icy, windy and plummeting temperature changes can wreak havoc on your waves, curls and coils. You may start to notice your hair will not behave just as skin can get dry, flaky and problematic with weather change, hair follows suit. One of the biggest and most common complaints that affect hair & scalp during the winter months is dryness. Hair can be depleted of moisture and appear wiry, brassy and rough to the touch. Prone to tangling and breakage, winter strands can make you wish summer would come quick, fast and in a hurry!

The good news is, regular deep conditioning during the fall and winter months will help restore moisture, prevent damage and add shine and elasticity. Adding an extra co-wash or rinse with conditioner only, between wash days can help boost moisture. You may also include the addition of a deep treating hair mask, with or without heat, to penetrate hair down to the cuticle with robust moisture restoring manageability and smoothness.  

When to use a Deep Conditoner vs. a Hair Mask

Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner
Our Award Winning Rizos Curls  Deep Conditioner strengthens, nourishes & deeply moisturizes hair, promoting healthy hair growth, while controlling frizz. It's great for detangling your curls in the shower as you apply while combing through. Leave in your hair for 5-10 minutes for deep moisture. It is a thick, creamy moisturizing conditioner that is great for all hair types. It is oil laden with the combined abundant moisturizers in Coconut, Olive, Argan & Sunflower Oils. Suggested use for weekly wash days and/or as a co-wash. Co-washing, is washing with conditioner only. This is perfect between full wash days to clean hair without removing all natural oils. 


"Customize your Curl Conditioning"
RIZOS PRO TIP: Similar to a hot oil treatment for deep moisturizing, add a few drops of any of our Hairscription Oils to your Deep Conditioner for added benefits. Add 3-5 drops of Detox Oil to detoxify scalp & hair, purging pores of sebum. Strength Oil can be added to combat dryness & brittle strands especially in color treated or gray hair. Nourish Oil can be added to maintain smooth, soft, shiny hair with a boost of antioxidants to protect scalp & strands. Interchange these custom treatments based on your current needs.
Suggested Application: Dispense quarter size amount of Deep Conditioner into hand and add desired amount of drops of oil to the conditioner just before applying to hair.


Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask
A hair mask, like our Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is a concentrated treatment for your hair. Meant to restore and revive, hair masks have many effective ingredients that work together to deep treat hair and scalp above and beyond everyday moisturizing products. The rich penetrating formula, is typically applied and left to saturate hair at minimum 15 minutes to overnight. The Vitamin C Technology in our Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is proven to improve shine & manageability in just 5 mins! With Murumuru Butter known for its deep moisture & reparitive properties, Carrot Seed Oil that repairs split ends and repairs the scalp barrier, Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask is the perfect treatment to add to your routine 1-4x a month to keep curls moisturized. 
Alternate Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask with the Deep Conditioner in your curl care routine to maintain moisture & hydration keeping curls in the best shape. Frizz happens with the absence of moisture and using a rich, creamy conditioner and including a mask can be the key to perfect curls, coils & waves. 


 Conditioning Tips
  • Heat is key! After adding Deep Conditioner or Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask, cover head with shower cap, heat cap or plastic bag to trap in body heat! This will allow the cuticle of your hair to open up to absorb the moisturizers and other beneficial ingredients in the formula. Allow product to sit in for at least 20 mins. Some people deep condition overnight. Rinse throughly.
  • When rinsing, be sure to use warm water to rinse out conditioner or mask, then finish with a cold water final rinse to close the cuticle of your hair. Closing the cuticle with cold water will help fight frizz and add shine, allowing you to see and feel the benefits of this critical step of deep conditioning. 
  • Always detangle while conditioning. The slip provided from the moisturizers allows tangle to be tamed with little effort, reducing breakage and split ends caused by tugging and pulling strands. Use our Detangling Flexi-brush to gently detangle, starting with detangling the ends and working your way up. The flex design of the brush paired with the rich conditioning formulas allows detangling to be a cinch. 

Our Rizos Curls  formulas are derived from ingredients found in nature that have rich benefits for the overall health of our hair. We provide the highest quality, natural ingredient boosted products for your curls, however we relied heavily on DIY options prior to being inspired to start Rizos Curls. Below is a favorite hair mask recipe using ingredients you may already have handy. 
DIY Hair Mask:
1 TBSP Olive Oil
1 TBSP Honey
1  egg, beaten
1 TBSP coconut oil, melted  


Whisk the ingredients together with a fork until well combined.  Add to wet hair, scalp to ends. Put your hair in a top knot/high bun, and allow it to sit in your hair until it's dry, approx. 30 minutes. Once the mask is dry, wash and condition as usual. Enjoy conditioned, shiny hair!
Always condition after shampooing on wash day and be sure to add a rich mask to your routine to keep hair healthy and strong. When winter comes knocking, be ready to give it the one-two punch of moisture and hydration.  

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