Lavender for Curly Hair

Lavender for Curly Hair

What are Lavender Oil benefits?

Lavender Oil is the most used essential oil in the world.  Known widely as the "calming" oil, Lavender Oil has been used for centuries and boasts many benefits. Aromatherapy may be its best known super power by far, as the scent alone is used for relaxation, and a favorite to treat anxiousness, but many will love to learn that using lavender oil for hair benefits are not its only credit. There are so many other natural perks of lavender for hair, skin and body. 



Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal 

Lavender Oil is known to naturally defend against anti-fungal resistant cells that without treatment can lead to bacteria that leads to dandruff and other scalp conditions. Its antiseptic properties help to balance skin and scalp to protect scalp from flakes, dryness and itch caused by irritation. It is also known to help in wound healing, accelerating the healing time. Great addition to your regimen if you experience any scalp irritations or eczema like rashes on scalp or skin. Lavender can even be used to soothe minor burns and bug bites.


 Can you use Lavender Oil on hair?

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth?

Research supports that lavender can help promote hair growth exponentially! Its benefits to overall scalp and skin health, help to encourage strong hair growth, fortified strands to avoid fall out and even protects against hair thinning. Applying lavender oil topically can stimulate blood flow and increase circulation to hair follicles positioning your strands to grow thicker and faster than usual. 

Calming & Soothing

If you are new to essential oils, lavender is usually one of the first natural oils you come across. It is used in creams, lotions, perfumes and in diffusers as it is very calming to the senses and soothing to the skin. The gentle serenity that is created from using lavender can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. This calmness is also beneficial in terms of skin as it can calm irritation and inflammation.
Adding lavender to your hair & skin routine is an easy addition if you love relaxation and strong strands. A few drops to a hot bath to relax, directly to your body to soothe or adding drops to your scalp will keep your follicles strong to curb breakage and allow hair to reach extreme lengths. It is calming to all skin on your body, allowing skin to thrive without irritation holding it back. 
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