Tea Tree Oil for Curly Hair

Tea Tree Oil for Curly Hair

Is Tea Tree Oil good for Curly Hair?

Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries in holistic medicine and herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional treatments that are antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Many can remember growing up and the elders in the house or family would treat minor cuts, abrasions and skin irritations with Tea Tree Oil, also known as Melaleuca Oil, an essential oil derived from steaming the leaves of the tree indigenous to swampy coasts of Australia. These powerful healing drops can speed the rehabilitation of irritated skin, soothe minor skin abrasions and heal fungal infections. A must have for healthy skin, Tea Tree Oil for curly hair is necessary as it will help keep your scalp free of skin conditions that cause itch, flakes, rashes and break outs that hinder health and the growth of hair. It will assist in the purging and detoxifying of hair follicles and scalp.



Anti-septic, Anti- bacterial, Anti-inflammatory

Tea Tree Oil for curly hair is imperative for a healthy scalp! It can speed healing of rashes and irritations that lead to flakes and itch. Also know to fight acne on face & body as well as combat bacterial, fungal and viral infections; treat nail fungus; and get rid of lice. Can you leave Tree Tea Oil in your hair? Absolutely! Our Rizos Curls Detox Oil is the perfect blend that includes Tea Tree Oil, bringing its skin mending benefits along with many others to your hair, skin and scalp. 


Tea Tree Oil for hair lice

Hair Lice is a common condition , especially in young children. Kids often have head-to-head contact while playing at school, at home, or during sports activities, playground, slumber parties, etc. Head lice can be spread by sharing clothing or belongings. Adding Tea Tree Oil to your regimen can also help prevent head lice. The potency of this natural essential oil will kill adult lice as well as prevent lice eggs from hatching. Adding to your hair or kids hair and scalp will help protect against this common childhood occurrence, and Rizos Curls Detox Oil makes it easy to add a few drops daily to stay issue free.


Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Although Tea Tree Oil is not typically responsible for hair growth, in a way, Tea Tree Oil for curly hair is important as it purges and clears your scalp of conditions that can retard growth. Your follicles, at the root level can become engorged with oil, bacterial and even fungal overgrowth making it nearly impossible for new growth to push through layers of flakes, irritated, angry skin and does not provide a healthy environment for cell turn over and strong growth.  Apply Tea Tree Oil to hair to eliminate the annoying issues that plague those with constant scalp conditions. Experience relief by making Tea Tree Oil part of your daily curl care routine. 

 Using the healing provided by nature is a great way to take care of your body, skin & hair.

Finding solutions created by Mother Nature..now who knows better than mama?!

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