New Rizos Curls Oil Trio-Hairscription Kit

New Rizos Curls Oil Trio-Hairscription Kit

Natural oils, especially thoughtfully curated blends, are the unsung heroes for hair & skin health. So many of the essential oils found in nature harness all the goodness of nature to nurture your skin and hair while feeding rich nutrients topically to your body & tresses. What better is there than ingredients that occur naturally in nature and are loaded with vitamins and beneficial natural additives that restore, repair, remedy and reinforce vibrant strands and glowing skin on your face and body. A natural moisturizer, oils not only hydrate, but they also absorb to deliver the natural nutrients intentionally married in each carefully crafted blend to bolster the potential of your hair and skin by giving it everything it needs to live its best life!

What oil do you need? Hair repair oil? Strength hair oil? Hair growth oil?

No matter the need, Rizos Curls has got you covered with the NEW Rizos Curls Hair Oil Trio. We have something for everyone and anyone at any point in your hair  journey! Hair lost it's shine and looks parched? Itchy, irritated scalp? Do your strands snap easily and your ends split on the regular?

We have the just what you need! 


What does nourishing oil do for hair? What oil is best for hair nourishment?

Rizos Curls Nourish Oil is an oil blend formulated with essential oils to provide health-giving benefits to hair, skin and body. This oil blend rejuvenates hair and skin by bringing the power of citrus and the many helpful and valuable benefits of these natural power houses delivered in tiny droplets of liquid gold.  Rizos Curls Nourish Oil  hydrates to defend against dryness while revitalizing underwhelming hair all while softening the texture of your tresses and the smoothing skin. Rizos Curls Nourish Oil absorbs quickly and gives a natural glow. It can be used everyday to maintain healthy hair and skin and will always add shine to tresses and a glorious glow to your face and body. 


🍊Grapefruit & Orange Oil
Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants, give an instant radiant glow, nourishing softness & revitalize hair.


🥕Carrot Seed Oil
Popular ingredient in clean skincare, Carrot Seed Oil is rich in Beta Carotene. It deeply conditions, soothes dehydrated scalps & restores luster.


🌻Moringa Oil, Sunflower Oil & Castor Oil
Deeply nourishes & defends against fragile hair by moisturizing, reducing frizz & improving softness.



How do you use hair strengthening oil?

Which hair oil is best for hair growth faster?

The NEW Rizos Curls Strength Oil is the answer to your weak, breakage prone hair prayers! This essential oil blend has ingredients that calm and balance skin to promote a healthy growth environment. It has anti-inflammatory properties that keep skin happy and in prime shape to boost hair growth, thickness and reduce breakage and brittleness. 
We experience different "hair & skin seasons" in life and we need different things to keep us at our best. Rizos Curls Strength Oil is formulated with natural ingredients that help prevent premature graying and hair fall as well as increasing moisture retention which in turn, helps bolster the elasticity of strands minimizing breakage allowing hair to reach new lengths. Packed with potent vitamins & minerals, this oil will fortify your skin and strands by keeping them calm, strong and able to bounce back and not break under the pressure. They only way to see growth, especially in hair is to feed it what it needs to continue to grow without the interruption of breakage and split ends and by giving it a healthy life source, as in a calm, soothed scalp.


💜Lavender Oil
Calming in benefits and aroma, very soothing to skin with anti bacterial properties. Protect against flakes and dryness. Strengthens follicles for robust growth.


🌺Maracuja Passionfruit Oil
Rich source of Vitamin A and Lycopene, making it a anti-inflammatory & powerful antioxidant. Protects again environmental stressor sand sun damage. High fatty acid content alleviates dehydration & frizz.


🌰Amla Seed Oil
Promotes thicker, healthier hair while stimulating growth. Anti-anging benefits known to prevent premature graying in hair and reduce hair fall.


🏵Sacha Inchi
High levels of protein, fatty acids and Vitamin E which repair dryness, brittle hair. Provides a natural gloss and smoothness to hair.


🌾Flaxseed & Moringa Oil
Flaxseed hydrates, smooths and improves shine. Helps with curl definition and retaining moisture.


Moringa Oil is a potent vitamin and mineral rich oil that revitalizes ands strengthens hair. Nourishes and fights dandruff. 


How do you detox your scalp? How can I naturally detox my hair?

 Detoxing is always a great idea for skin, hair...and sometimes for your life! A fresh start is always welcome especially when things seem little out of whack.  Our NEW Rizos Curls Detox Oil is the essential oil formula crafted to detoxify and purify your scalp while purging buildup, excess bacteria and oil. Rizos Curls Detox Oil has ingredients that act as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial to soothe irritated skin and also has anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate redness, itching and swelling. This intentional blend also replenishes and and rebalances the skin barrier. 



🍋Lemon Peel Oil
Healing, purifying, and detoxifying. Balances sebum production to avoid oily scalp & skin. Naturally antiseptic and astringent to fight bacteria.


🌱Tea Tree Leaf Oil
Soothing and healing, also has anti microbial and anti - inflammatory benefits to reduce redness and irritations that can leads to flakes and itch.


🌰Tamanu Seed Oil
Nutrient dense to soothe skin & scalp. Promotes moisture retention and softer hair with natural sheen. 


🌻Calendula Flower Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, & Safflower Seed Oil
Calendula Oil is soothing, healing and fortifies hair follicles
Sunflower Oil maintains softness and encourages hair health with its natural Linoleum Acid & vitamin E content.
Safflower Oil is rich in vitamin E and traps moisture to the skin & strand to keep hydrated. Replenishes the skin's natural barrier. 


You can use hair & skin oil everyday!
Want to maintain hair and skin health with a glow that requires sunglasses?
Have flakes and oily scalp that keeps you itching and scratching?
Longing for longer, stronger hair that doesn't break under the pressure?
The beauty of the Rizos Curls Oil Trio is you will mostly likely experience each of these scenarios and now you will have 3 different oils on hand to give your hair & skin what it needs from moment to moment or condition to condition. 


How to you use oils for hair & skin:

Pre-Poo -
Add a few drops of oil to your scalp before washing to break up build up and grime to get a next level clean. Not sure how to pre-poo? Click here!
Sealing Oil -
Add a few drops to hair after deep conditioning to lock in hydration with the water-oil barrier. Perfect for high porosity curls!


Shine Enhancer-
A few drops can bring a brilliant shine to your finished curls when applied as a finishing step or when used to unravel a braid out.
Make Up Remover -
Natural oils that are packed with skin benefits work well to remove stubborn makeup, breaking down the cosmetics without drying the skin.
Replace face and body lotion to add lightweight  moisture and hydration that soaks in fast and provides a glow that will rival the sun!
Bath Oil-
Add a few drops to a hot bath to soften skin..great for shaving, too!
Massage Oil-
Enjoy the relaxation of a deep tissue massage with the heavenly smell of citrus. Work those sore & tired muscles with ease! 
Cuticle Oil-
Keep your manicure in tip top condition by adding a few drops to parched cuticles.

 Spot Treatment-

Add drops to calm skin, abrasion or irritation. Promote healing with calming, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Customize your drop-

Add oil to Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner or Rizos Curls Vitamin C Hair Repair Mask to add the benefits of the oil blend while deep treating curls. Allow to set for  15 minimum to allow full absorption to scalp and strands. Adding warm heat or steam can increase penetration. 


No matter your needs, skin or hair, we have an oil just for you!

  Keep the Rizos Curls Trio on hand to stay ready so you don't have to get ready!

Healthy, strong , detoxified curls and skin is only a drop ( or two) away!




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