Tamanu Oil for Curly Hair

Tamanu Oil for Curly Hair

Essential Oils have been around for centuries and in many ancient cultures, were the source for healing and preventative treatments. Today, we tap into these "fruits of the earth" by taking what those that came before us used to take impeccable care of their temples...their bodies. Hair, skin, body...all have been treated with essential oils found in nature, that when used separately or carefully curated into blends, can provide natural benefits that alleviate and eradicate common conditions. 

Tamanu Oil For  Curly Hair

Tamanu Oil is the pressed fruit of the Tamanu Nut Tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, parts of Africa and Polynesia. This gem of the South Pacific has many benefits that contributes to moisturized skin and hair due to it's naturally high fat content. Tamanu Oil for curly hair is especially favorable as it keeps moisture on the strand while making the scalp the perfect supple and balanced environment for hair growth with Tamanu Oil. 

Tamanu Oil Benefits For Skin

Tamanu Oil for skin is extremely helpful for skin as it is naturally rich in  antibacterial and wound-healing abilities and fights against many strains of bacteria including those that cause conditions like acne and eczema. Ingrown hair follicles and clogged pores often become inflamed and irritated causing tender scalp, skin rash and stunted hair growth at the scalp level. Tamanu Oil has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory healing properties and because of this, it aides in treating scalp irritations and other skin inflammation issues. 

Can I use Tamanu Oil everyday? How to use Tamanu Oil for hair growth?

Adding Tamanu Oil to your hair care regimen is easy with quality products that are intentionally crafted & curated for their natural benefits like our Rizos Curls Detox Oil. Adding a few drops to maintain scalp and skin balance, or enhancing your deep conditioning by adding drops to your conditioner to bolster benefits. Rizos Curls Detox Oil is also a fantastic option for a pre-poo as it lifts the flakes and debris from your scalp by cutting through the sebum that traps bacteria and grime. This makes shampooing more effective, helping to achieve a deep clean , decongesting pores and hair follicles allowing skin to breathe and new growth to effortlessly push through. 



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